People dressed in tie dye shirts and vintage garments, rocking dreadlocks and spinning hula hoops. Did I step into a time machine and go back to the 70’s? Well I guess I sort of did when Flux Capacitor played a home town show at Reverb.

Busy with their annual festival runs up and down the east coast in support of their new album, Cycle 9, the three brothers of Flux Capacitor found time to make a stop in their hometown where everything started and they did not disappoint.

The venue setting was a newly renovated outdoor patio and stage setup. It was the perfect mood setting with the stage lights firing up just as the sun was going down on a brisk summer night in August. Fans started turning on their LED hula hoops and poi balls as Flux Capacitor hit the stage.

They opened up withLove Song which feels like a warm up for the fans, setting the tone for a night of peace, love and family. It was not long until the whole entire crowd packed the stage area when they ripped into their cover of Toto’s “Africa”. Yes you heard me correctly, they covered Toto and completely caught me off guard. I will admit their version had me singing along. We all know that song even if we wont admit it, so don’t judge me. As it turns out it wouldn’t be the only cover that had the fans singing along that night.

I asked them earlier in the night who some of their influences are and one of the general consensus answers were the Grateful Dead. They were not lying when they played their rendition of Shakedown Street. You can tell the guys of Flux Capacitor love playing this funky eclectic jam. Pete Specht’s vocals sound like the second coming of Jerry Garcia.

The highlight of the night was just as their first set was winding down, drummer Jason Specht and keyboardists Mike Specht started playing a familiar classic 70’s rock intro and the crowd erupted in cheers. That intro belongs to the one and only LA Woman” by The Doors. Clearly a fan favorite cover of theirs, they rocked the eight minute long number with flawlessness.

As their first set was full of new songs off their recent release and some covers, the second set was packed with crowd favorites that best represents their sound and style. Drop It Like It’s Hotter” was a pleasant throwback tune from their first album, released in 2009.

This was a night for Flux Capacitor fans both new and old to remember. The band sounds as tight and in sync with each other more than ever. Their style, which mixes funk, rock, jazz and soul is what makes this band stand out from others. Their sound is infectious, they groove like the legends of their genre and this is all coming from just a three piece band. Their live show is definitely a sight to see and they take pride in that. They consider their fan base as one big, loving family and when you’re in attendance at a show it feels just like that. Just make sure you keep your eyes out for twirling hula hoops in the crowd, I learned my lesson on that one.

You can catch them touring local festivals and shows throughout the east coast for the rest of the summer and more to come this Fall and early 2015.

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Flux Capacitor at the 2013 Tri State Indie Music Awards at World Cafe Live