We caught up with Flux Capacitor at the Stir Fry Music Revival at Snipes Farm, over Labor Day weekend..

Flux Capacitor is:

Peter Specht: Vocal,Guitar
Jason Specht: Vocal,Drums
Michael Specht: Vocal,Keys,Left-handed Bass

bio courtesy of Flux Capacitor’s Facebook Page

Emerging from the outskirts of the Philadelphia area, Flux is already a must-see in the region’s music scene. The band represents a ferocious new sound resonating from ancient mysticism to futuristic visions obtained through lucid dreaming. Flux has gained an expanding fan base by touring the east and mid-west and by hosting various parties dubbed as “encounters” where you can find the band jamming and experimenting late into the night. Highly influenced by the current psychedelic movement the three-piece outfit, comprised of three brothers share a unique connection that allows them to fuse a groove intensity with ambient swirling effects and addicting, almost hypnotic singing. Throw in a highly spontaneous live show that merges improvisations with thought-provoking lyrics (delving into topics as varied as a serious reflection of the world’s current affairs to dream states experienced by band members), and you have a gem of a band that won’t stay hidden very long.

Check out our video interview with the band below ….