Frànçois and The Atlas Mountians are the first French signing that Domino Records have done. And hopefully they do many more French based signings in the future. Hailing from France, François Marry the lead singer combines his current Bristol based influence with his French roots to create a sound that I would describe as a mystical experience into the French language through music.


Domino Record Co

Although, if you can’t understand at least a little bit of French, not to worry. Since signing with Domino Records USA, they released an English song. Released back in June of this year, take a look at ‘The Way to the Forest.’

You can buy their current album ‘Piano Ombre’ hereMost songs are in French, but what is great about their music is that you don’t need to understand what they are saying, the rhythm that is felt is enough.

Take a look at their live sessions.

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