Got to chat with Free Energy front man Paul Spranger[Do I have the greatest job or what?]while the band was enroute from Asheville N.C. to Baltimore for another show opening for  Mates of State.The band is on the road in support of their release “Stuck On Nothing” on DFA Records.The month of August finds them traveling to the Midwest,New England and also doing festivals in Japan and the U.K.Quite impressive for this  young band that calls Philly home.First a bit of setting the record straight.Even though Free Energy is made up of guys from Minnesota and Philly who used to be in a band called Hockey Night they are not big sports fans and lost no rehearsal or gig time watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs.That out of the way I asked Paul about working with LCD Soundsytem’s James Murphy in the studio.”It was pure alchemy,real magic.”We really worked together in getting the thing to sound right.” The result is a record that sounds fresh but has it’s heart in the right Rock and Roll place.WXPN made the irresistible ” Free Energy” a staple of it’s playlist and the boys were on their way.I wondered about the Philly scene compared to the one in Minnesota.”Philly has such great venues and is so close to other major cities.It’s a great city for a band to get started.”Get started Free Energy did and from the looks of it will not be stopping anytime soon.You can catch them Friday night July 16th at the XPoNential festival.For more info go to