Ex-members of ThursdayGlassJaw and From Autumn To Ashes formed a new band Get Involved! and have announced the release of their new EP “Silk Cuts.” The EP was funded by fans through a KickStarter campaign and was produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (At The Drive- In, The Cure). “Silk Cuts” is available now for purchase digitally and physical copies are available for pre-order. To purchase and/or pre-order, click HERE.

Guitarist Todd Weinstock (Glassjaw), guitarist Brian Deneeve (From Autumn To Ashes), drummer Tucker Rule (Thursday), lead vocalist Derrick Karg- Zamudio and bassist Marcus Russell Price make up Get Involved! They’ve been climbing the ladder of post-hardcore scene for the past year and a half.

Get Involved!

“We all toured together through our prior projects and basically grew up together on the road during our second childhood,” Weinstock explains. “We always talked about doing bands together and it’s finally come together and the timing worked out to make it a reality.”

The 4-track EP is built with all the necessities for a punk hardcore album while still incorporating catchy and captivating elements to make it unlike anything else. It showcases how each of the band members have grown since their previous projects.

Get Involved! will be touring and working on a full-length album in 2014 so keep your eyes and ears open! Watch the “Silk Cuts” teaser below.