I hope everyone’s ready for some serious madness, because Y-Not radio is presenting the Modern Rock Madness 2012, and the matchups are happening all next week!  Y-Not Radio is matching up rock bands and welcome listeners vote each day on who they think is the superior band for each battle.  It’s just like the college tournaments, just without all of the bad officiating and Duke fans.  The voting madnesss starts on Monday at 9:00 AM, and continues until Friday at 3:00 PM.   You can vote at the site, or if you’re on the go and listening, text your votes to 267-293-YNOT.  Be sure to tweet and hashtag #ynotmadness on your picks throughout to stay in the loop!

Head over to Y-Not radio NOW to download your bracket: http://ynotradio.net/

After your breakdown your bracket, come on back to Tri State Indie and submit your “Fantastic Four” to enter a giveaway for (2) Passes to the Nowadays Indie Rock Festival in Bethlehem, PA and (2) CD’s from the TSI Music Awards! CLICK HERE TO ENTER


To commemorate the beginning of the madness, I’ll give you my top picks for the “Fantastic 4,” and explain why I think they’ll do well.

  1. Radiohead: I think Radiohead may take the cake in this one.  They’re the seminal independent artist of our generation, and have time and time again proven their merits as not only a critically acclaimed, but also extremely popular band.  While their latest album, 2011’s The King of Limbs was released to mixed reviews, I still think the cultural weight that Radiohead has accumulated to this point will carry them far into the tournament.  This is combined with the fact that following The King of Limbs release, the band released a series of remixes and have put together an enormous summer 2012 world tour.  Even though their newest music isn’t as beloved as their older releases, Radiohead will go far because their past triumphs overcome their present shortcomings (which weren’t glaring by any stretch of the imagination.)
  2. Foo Fighters: If there’s one thing that’s certain about the Foo Fighters, it is that people love them.  While it’s been almost a year since Wasting Light dropped, they’re riding high on a 5 Grammy year, including the award for the Best Rock Album.  They have an appeal that pretty much anyone can get into very easily.  A very interesting possible matchup is that the Foo Fighters may see The Black Keys in the round of 8.  This would be a challenge because both bands seem to be holding the flame for rock n’ roll these days.  It’s a dumb joke, but just about everyone has a favorite Foo Fighters song, and while the stigma of “radio rock” might make people wary to vote for them, Dave Grohl and crew always find ways to make audiences love them, and for that they’re in my “Fantastic 4.”
  3. Jack White/The White Stripes: Everywhere I look these days, Jack White is getting press coverage.  He’s been on SNL, has a new album Blunderbuss, due out April 24, and a relentless tour that’s taking him all over the world.  He’s released two tracks thus far from the album, and (word has it) had a great performance out at SXSW.  Right now, he’s huge.  And this is before we begin to analyze the impact he had while part of the two part rock god/goddess group The White Stripes.  The hype for his new album alone could carry him deep into Modern Rock Madness ’12, but the added factor that he was once part of one of the most critically acclaimed contemporary rock band adds another reason to vote for him.  Jack White is a contender because he continually proves he belongs in the discussions as one of the greatest who’s ever lived.  For that, I think he belongs in the “Fantastic Four.”
  4. Arcade Fire: Arcade Fire released a deluxe edition of their 2011 Record of the Year album The Suburbs back in August, but really haven’t had any significant new releases since.  They did just recently debut a song from The Hunger Games soundtrack, but by in large aren’t making much new music.  So why are they going to make it to the “Fantastic 4?” Because they’re Arcade Fire.  Not only because they are mega-popular indie darlings, but also because they’re Grammy winners. For Album of the Year.  Though they haven’t come out with new music recently, they still carry significant weight within the indie community.  They’re indie heavy-hitters for sure, and even though they didn’t come out with a new album in recent memory, they’ll still go far in this tourney.  This is a precarious choice because they may have to face the Shins (who are riding high after their brilliant new release Port of Morrow) in the round of 16. Nevertheless, I still think Arcade Fire will win out (at least until the “Fantastic Four”).