No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears is the second album from this instrumental band that I feel is making a big name for themselves within their scene. I like this soundbite from guitarist and recording engineer / mixer Simon Morgan:

“The last album was a journey from feeling one way at the start to another way at the end. On No Words, each song is a self contained emotional progression, be it from joy to anger or fear to hope…so each song takes you on that same journey but within itself. The new album sounds like the classic second installment of a trilogy. Whereas the first album conveyed the hope and excitement of starting out on a journey, this one is the part when things darken before you see the light at the end of the tunnel. The album gently pushes you into reflecting upon the times in your own life rather than hitting you over the head with words that tell someone else’s story. The album is personal, stands apart from its peers and has helped us settle into our own sound and direction. We are very proud of this release”