Hezekiah Jones and Andrew Lipke by Steven Philips

When many of you hear Hezekiah Jones, you think of the band by the same name. But it’s not a traditional band, because every time you see them there seems to be a different lineup of musicians playing with Hezekiah himself, and on occasion, Andrew Lipke has been part of the crew. So one Friday when XPN needed a last minute fill in for a Free at Noon show, Jones and Lipke took the gig, and impressed the XPN folks enough to be invited to play the XPoNential festival this weekend.

Andrew Lipke is not only a musician but a producer as well. He remixed a tune for Hezekiah a few years back, and recently produced his new album “Have You Seen Our New Fort?” They have “mutual respect and a shared sense of openness to cross genre experimentation in music.” So how did the album turn out? “It’s special because it’s one of those rare occasions when the most ambitious ideas came together and the final product lived up to our wildest expectations.  It was also tons of fun to make…and that makes the final outcome that much more enjoyable for everyone involved.”

They are really looking forward to playing XPoNential because “It’s local radio and music folks supporting local artists (among national artists of course)…but it’s a wonderful way to nourish a community that supports the music made in it’s own back yard and not just what’s hot at the moment in the national spotlight within one scene or another.”

So come on out to the Camden waterfront and catch their show. It’s going to be a big band with a lot of great songs. Oh, and don’t forget to bring jawns!