Hezekiah Jones with the Spinning Leaves

Record Release Party  Hezekiah Leaves/Spinning Joneses

Friday May 13th, 2011 @ The Bookspace, Philadelphia PA

By:  David Turcotte

Hezekiah Jones and The Spinning leaves have combined forces on Mad Dragon Records with the release of Hezekiah Leaves, Spinning Joneses.  The collaboration started a few years back when Spinning Leaves singer Barbara Gettes met up with Hezekiah Jones songwriter Raph via Myspace in New York.  Barbara recalled being totally shook and nervous when sitting down and playing with Raph.

Fast forward to 2011, and The Spinning Leaves and Hezekiah Jones have put the years of growth and collaboration together on a freshly minted album featuring 14 songs inspired in part by Barbara’s recent loss of her father.  Showcasing the new album Hezekiah Leaves, The Spinning Joneses, Mad Dragon put on a helluva showcase at Philadelphia’s Bookspace.  The show started with Nic Esposito of the Savage Detectives telling a story and perspective of an ant’s journey through the perils of life with the assistance of live animation.  There was a short acoustic set by Philadelphia local Joshua Park, and an amazing trapeze performance by Philadelphia acrobat Annie Plick.

The Extraordinaires followed with an awesome and energetic set, which was slightly dampened as the crowd was mostly seated for the duration of their performance.  The Extraordinaires did eventually get the laid back crowd into it toward the end of their performance, which was good to see.

Hezekiah Leaves, The Spinning Joneses followed with a lovely acoustic and electric set featuring the lush and introspective sounds of the album collaboration.  The band started with ‘Strange Dreams’, “You are the Sun’, ‘Coyote Song’, and ‘Sunflower Seeds’ off their album.  Hezekiah Leaves and the Spinning Joneses closed with ‘Year of the ___’ , ‘Walking Blues’, and ‘Crab Song’.

The Bookspace provided the perfect moody atmosphere for this record release party, but the evening belonged to Barbara Gettes, who painfully dedicated the show to her late father.

Additional photos can be found here.