To try to explain HogMaw’s sound with a single word is an impossible task. Sure they have a traditional Bluegrass swagger, but bluegrass just isn’t big enough to contain their sound. Add the title jam band, call them progressive, and you’re a bit closer, and be aware that they rock the f**k out.

HogMaw  is …

Matt Baldwin – Guitar, Lead vocals

Garry Slick – Bass

Ryann Lynch – Violin, Vocals

Colin Reeves – Mandolin, Banjo, Vocals

 The bluegrass element of the band comes of course from the type of instruments they play, but is rooted in Matt’s traditional bluegrass vocals, and fast and precise guitar work. During my Interview with Matt, I asked him to explain their sound. His reply, “It’s definitely rooted in bluegrass, but over time has formed into more of a jam band”, he explained… “Our live performances are never the same, with something special thrown into each one”.  A major part of the jam band feel is the flowing rhythm and funk that melodically wonders from Garry Slicks bass, and as he and Matt hold down the fort, Ryann and Colin, go off, weaving their array of melodically distributed violin, and intricately played mandolin that although has a bluegrass feel, one can certainly at times find a progressive edge.

I inquired how the band met, and Matt recalled a jam session at a camp fire at Camp Jam in the Pines, Monroeville New Jersey 2008. “We (Matt, Garry, Colin, who were members of traditional, Lost Generation Bluegrass Band) went to a camp fire jam, and had an amazing session with violinist Ryann Lynch, the jam went into the next day and we’ve been playing ever since”. In a short time HogMaw was playing shows which Matt described as being “thrown in the fire,” and growing with each show they played.

HogMaw hasn’t slowed down, playing a assortment of shows and festivals, including winning the 2009 York Revolution Battle of the Bands, and being a featured band on WXPN’s Folk show with Gene Shay, which Matt described as “an amazing experience, everyone there is so great, Gene Shay is an great guy”. You can catch videos of both those performances on their MySpace page      

HogMaw will be performing a full summer of shows and festivals including headlining the Bucks County Bluegrass Festival, Sept 11, and Meeting of the Minds 3, Sept 12.

The band will also have a Summer Sampler album available, “It’s a free CD project, you can get our album at are shows… people are encouraged to copy and pass it along, and those people do the same… the album is a blend of radio performances, and songs from shows… people started bringing recording equipment to shows and making boot legs, it’s pretty wild to go online and see your songs posted next to dead songs”.   The album will also be available by request by email at   Check it out!

HogMaw will be returning to the Lizard Lounge this Saturday with Cabinet @ 8PM this will be an amazing night of Prog-Jamgrass! Be there! Or check them out at Appalachian Brewing Co. Sat, May 1, 12PM.