Nick Spaceman (Common People, Wilkes Barre) and resident party advisor Shawn Ryan


21st & Chestnut

Philly, PA


-info from Facebook

Hurrah is charging head on into Twenty Eleven with a heap of hip shaking new tunes and plenty of classics to make you move. I personally have a mountain of new music for this Saturday I can’t wait to play, tracks from secret disco to 2075 house and beyond. Actually, beyond might not even be the word for what’s in store this month. My guest, Nick Spaceman, is known for his eclectic tastes & party rocking superpowers. The crown jewel of his busy schedule is Common People, a long running monthly party in Wilkes Barre that’s hosted a variety of excellent talent, from Instamatic to Pink Skull & Adam Sparkles to yours truly. I’m stoked to finally host the Spaceman in Philadelphia for a proper party in the rave cave. So let’s keep the anything goes spirit of Hurrah and Medusa Lounge going strong in Twenty Eleven! Oh hell yes!!!


with special guest

Nick Spaceman (Common People, Wilkes Barre)

and resident party advisor

Shawn Ryan


Note: Hurrah is a dj night, drinking may be involved, partying is recommended.