Words and Photos by Harrison Brink

Imagine Dragons performed a sold out show to a wild crowd at the Electric Factory on Monday, February 18. Nico Vega and Atlas Genius opened for the Imagine Dragons. Both bands went over well, Atlas Genius in particular. People seemed to want to see them almost as much as they wanted to see Imagine Dragons.

Imagine Dragons’ Setlist

  1. “Round and Round”
  2. “Amsterdam”
  3. “Tiptoe”
  4. “Hear Me”
  5. ??? (missed this one)
  6. “Rocks”
  7. “Radioactive”
  8. “Lay Me Down”
  9. “Bleeding Out”
  10. “Demons”
  11. “Underdog”
  12. “Top of the World”
  13. “It’s Time”
  14. Encore “Nothing Left to Say”

I’m sorry about the fifth song, I don’t believe that there is a recorded version of it right now but I may be wrong. I looked real hard all over the internet for it and I failed you. Please forgive me.

I also believe that the song that would appear to be called “Lay Me Down” is not recorded either, but you can find live performances of it on Youtube easily. It is a tender ballad with a really haunting tone and mesmerizing atmosphere, which was totally ruined by the 16-year-old fan girl exclaiming “Oh my gawd, can I cry now?” at the end. It was really good, though, in all seriousness.

Imagine Dragons was ultimately predictable, in good or bad ways, as different people might see it.
For one thing, everyone and their mother was there. That is hardly an exaggeration, too. There were your average concert-goers (let’s say age 18 and up) as well as children from 6 to 16 years old, many accompanied by parents. It was kind of neat to see the huge demographic that Imagine Dragons appeals to at this point. Hey, the perks of having a best selling single, right?

Another predictable part of their set was that, with the exception of “Lay Me Down” and what I will call “Song 5” (both of which are unreleased songs, I believe), Imagine Dragons only played songs from their album. If you didn’t know, Imagine Dragons made 3 really good EPs, Imagine Dragons, Hell and Silence, and It’s Time, prior to releasing Continued Silence. A two of the songs (“Amsterdam”, “Hear Me”) from Night Visions actually come from two of these three EPs. I highly recommend checking out the EPs when you get the chance.

Back to the point though; while it would have been cool if they played their older stuff, I thought it was cooler that everybody in the audience seemed to know every song on the album and was singing along. The crowd just had a great atmosphere. there were no significant disturbances and a great sense of unity among everyone.Because this was the case, I really don’t have any problem with them almost exclusively playing material from their album.

One final predictable moment was that the song “Radioactive” played live was epic. Everything about it was tremendous everybody on stage had a huge, thunderous drum to relentlessly pummel. It was simply amazing.

Imagine Dragons put on a great show throughout their set. The performance was full of energy and the music sounded good. It was one of the better concerts that I have ever been to personally. If you get the chance to see Imagine Dragons, I wholeheartedly suggest that you do so.

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