This Grateful Dead cover band has been playing music and performing shows together in some way shape or form since 1998. Over the years they’ve played as large as a 7 piece and some times just as an acoustic duo. This weekend at Snipes Music Farm, they will be playing as a trio, as Pangea Acoustic ,which will be Brian Reppert – Rhythm guitar / vocals, Dan Dolla – Lead guitar / vocals, and Matt Cullen- Drums. These 3 actually played Snipes last year at the 2nd annual “In and Out of the Garden We Go” fest, but performed as the, Good Lovin Jamband. The Good Lovin Jamband was formed after Brian and Dan, (Pangea Acoustic), met The Neo Trio, (Corey Heller -Keys, Craig Burkey – bass, and Matt Cullen – drums). They decided to played together and then booked one show to see how it would go. And currently it’s going 3 years strong today. The Good Lovin Jamband actually plays every 3rd Friday of the month at the Brass Lantern in Reading, PA, which is where the band is from. “We play festivals and parties and try to only play Reading about once or twice a month. The rest of the time we’re playing more of South Eastern PA”, Brian Reppert tells us.

Pangea Acoustic does play some originals, but they mainly play Dead covers. We asked Brian if Pangea Acoustic focuses on specific albums or an era of the Dead? He tells us they pretty much cover everything across the board. We asked Brian if he had a favorite Dead track that he still cranks up when he hears it now, even tho he may have heard it a million times, “Terrapin Station”, he tell us, “That’s always a good one”.

Come and join us to see Pangea Acoustic this Saturday at the In and Out of the Garden We Go festival this Saturday at Snipes Farm playing all of your Dead favs and more. You can go to the Pangea Acoustic Myspace page to check out their music now and also catch them every 3rd Friday at the Brass Lantern in Reading, PA.