Londoner Dan Croll is set to take the Union Transfer stage this Sunday.  We can expect to hear new tunes off his recent release “Sweet Disarray.”  The album gives listeners a little something new, with calypso, techno beats and catchy lyrics you’re bound to have a good time listening to the album or seeing the band live.  I’ve heard rumors of it being a fantastic show, so come celebrate Easter Sunday with us at Union Transfer!  Tickets are still available HERE.

Dan Croll - Photo: Snapchat

Dan Croll – Photo: Snapchat

Dan recently played his new single “From Nowhere” on Jimmy Kimmel Live a few weeks ago.  You can catch it here to get a little preview of what to expect on Sunday:


I had a quick interview with Dan in preparation for Sunday’s show.  Learn more about who Dan Croll is, what this year has been like thus far, what he likes about Philly and what to expect in the future!

TSI: How have all the multiple tours been and being on the road the last few months?

DC: They’ve been amazing! Its definitely my favorite part of the job, it’s incredibly fun to travel all over the place playing your own music. At the same time they’ve been tough though, I’ve been on the road a long time now and I’m pretty burnt out.

TSI: There seems to be a lot of musical influences coming into this album, what would you say was your biggest influence(s) for Sweet Disarray?

DC: I think my main influences for this album were all of my childhood heros, artists such as: James Taylor, Paul Simon, Burt Bacharach, The Beach Boys

TSI: What’s it been like performing on Jimmy Kimmel / live TV while you’ve been over here?

DC: Playing on Jimmy Kimmel was incredible, I was ridiculously nervous but I think the adrenaline kept me on the right track. I’ve always been a big fan of watching talk shows both in the UK and America and think they’re a great tool for finding new music, so I was I’ve been honored to play all of these shows/sessions.

[WATCH] Dan Croll on Jimmy Kimmel Live

TSI: I noticed the song “Sweet Disarray” was written about your grandmother and the onset of Alzheimers. As someone who can relate to what that disease is like, do you believe there is a connection between music and memories as we age?

DC: Definitely, music is such a key part of most peoples memories. I know my grandma listened to my music a lot since I started out, so when I see her I’ll try and play her some songs to try and trigger those memories, which occasionally does work.

TSI: What’s your go-to road entertainment to kill time?

DC: TV series, especially Madmen, Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I also love documentaries, I’m a huge fan of Louis Theroux.

TSI: If you could describe yourself in one ultimate sentence, what would it be?

DC: A man who writes, sings, and performs music.

TSI: What’s something to look forward to during your live shows?

DC: The songs, I work hard on making them slightly different to the recorded versions, I feel it keeps listeners on their toes.

TSI: What’s your favorite thing about playing in Philly/Visiting Philly?

DC: Sandwiches

TSI: What has become your favorite food while traveling across the US?

DC: Deep Fried Pickles

TSI: What is your process of writing and recording new material?

DC: It usually starts off with the beats and rhythms of the track. I feel its important to have a strong foundation to work on, then I move on to the lyrics and melody. It doesn’t always like this though, every song and its process is slightly different.

TSI: What’s in the future for Dan Croll?

DC: Lots of touring/traveling, a summer full of festivals, hopefully some more collaborations and just general fun!



Stay tuned for Tri State Indie’s coverage of the show!