The Tragic Thrills made the last stop on their summer tour at 10th Street Live (which lead singer Zach said is one of his favorite bars) in Kenilworth, NJ. I was able to sit down with the band before they took the stage to chat about drinking, The Lego Movie and of course, music.

The band made up of Zach Porter (guitar and vocals), Cameron Quiseng (bass), Chris Morrison (lead guitar) And Gibson (drums) and Gabe Rudner (keys) has been working their butts off for the past year since forming. They released their debut album in October of last year and have been touring all over the country. Set to drop the re-release of their debut album on Sept. 30th with their new record label, Washington Square, the boys have a very promising future. They killed it on stage and are honestly some of the coolest, most hardworking, fan-loving people I’ve met.

Check out our chat and some pictures below!

Just because we’re in a bar, I feel it’s appropriate to ask – do you guys have a favorite alcoholic drink?
Ans: Evan Williams
Zach: Really? That’s not your favorite.
Ans: No, I’m a whiskey and coke guy.
Zach: Beer.

Any specific kind?
Zach: Heavy craft. Like dark stouts.. intense. Anything that’s like earthy, skunky, bitter.
Cameron: Her stomachs churning right now.
Zach: No sarcasm though, I’m serious.
Cameron: He likes beer that’s evil. Like the second you sip it you know there’s a demon inside.
Zack: No it’s rich and warm and dry.
Cameron: On that note, I don’t drink often but if I do I would like a glass of wine or…
Zack: With his pinky out
Cameron: Or just like whiskey on the rocks.
Gabe: I like whiskey. I like gin and tonics.
Cameron: He really likes cosmos too. That’s what he gets every night.

*Waitress brings coffee*

Chris: If coffee was an alcoholic beverage..
Cameron: Yeah, that’s my jam. I could talk to you about coffee all day.

How would you describe your sound?
Cameron: Alternative, folk, indie, rock
Chris: I would say rock
Zach: Just rock

What’s an artist you can’t stop listening to right now?
Cameron: I noticed everyone in the band is listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac.
Zach: They are one of the best bands to ever exist.
Cameron: However I always find myself listening to John Mayer’s live album. Oh my god, it’s the best. I wasn’t a John Mayer fan, until then. And Jack Johnson.
Zach: As far as brand new albums, everything Bahamas does is awesome.
Cameron: Yeah, Bahamas just put out a new album
Zach: And there’s a new Andrew Bird album I really like too. But yeah, Bahamas is badass.
Cameron: Sticky Fingers by Rolling Stones. I just got that album, even though it’s really really old.

It’s the last day of tour. So what has been your favorite moment from it?
Zach: Well for me, when we’re killing it on stage. I love it. Touring is awesome but it also sucks. It’s brutal. It’s why we’re doing it, it’s the reason to be out there. It’s obviously worth it to all of us.
Cameron: If it wasn’t for playing shows and interacting with fans.. Like it’s so cool that we get to see people all over the country and to get to know them. Understanding that everyone has such different backgrounds. We grew up in a place so foreign from where they’re from. I mean Zach was born in Maine. But I was born and raised in California. This guy, he’s in LA too but these clowns are from Pennsylvania. So they know all about the east coast life. For me, it’s just so interesting to get to meet people that are so different. I think that’s exciting. And to all appreciate one thing. And it’s already great when they’re appreciate you. You feel cooler than you would at home at your grandma’s house.

Is that where we’re living? At grandma’s house?
Cameron: Yeah, right now.
Zach: There’s nothing wrong with that.

No, there’s nothing wrong with that. So what’re your plans since tour is over?
Zach: A lot of crying and sadness.
Ans: A lot of crime probably.
Zach: A lot of theft.
Cameron: Yeah right. Ans will be playing chess until we see him next.
Ans: Yeah probably.
Cameron: All he does on tour is watch chess videos. The grand masters. Like chess the board game. It’s all he does, he’s obsessed.

Do you learn from these videos?
Ans: Yeah, I do. It’s a weird addiction.

Have you guys been writing?
Zach: Yeah, we’re actually playing two new songs tonight. We’re working on a new record right now.

Okay, so you guys said you have a indie folk rock sound, that kind of seems to be what summer festivals include a lot of. Would you guys ever consider being on a summer festival circuit?
Cameron: I would love that, that would be sweet. Tell them, if you know them “What’s up! Yo, I know The Tragic Thrills, put them on.”
Zach: I’d give up my own child for that. I would love that, that would be awesome.
Cameron: That’s a new thing, Zach’s a dad.
Zach: I don’t actually have a child. But we would love that kind of opportunity.

Have you seen The Lego Movie?
Cameron: Yes! So good.
Zach: Of course you have.

Okay well they play one song in the town..
Cameron: “Everything Is Awesome”

So if you were in charge of picking a song, what would you want to play in your town, every day, forever?
Cameron: Oh my god, this is so hard.
Ans: Probably just an instrumental. Like a piano ballad or something.
Cameron: Probably “I Believe I Can Fly” by R. Kelly
Zach: I’d want an upright bass, and acoustic guitar and little drumset. Just do an instrumental.

You would make the song yourself? You wouldn’t just pick a song?
Zach: I want to put it into existence. I don’t know what it is, but I hear it.
Ans: Yeah, it’s there.

Lastly, do you have any advice for aspiring musicians or artists?
Cameron: Just do it. Don’t think ,“If I do this, then I’ll get that.” “If I get better at singing, if I get better at playing.” Just gotta do it, because if there’s always that “if” then there is always gonna be that “if.”
Zach: The only way to get good really is to just do it. You have to practice a lot.
Cameron: So like Nike says, just do it.