Words by: Teresa McCullough

I had the pleasure of sitting down and chatting with Ghost Beach at Virgin Mobile FreeFest this past weekend after their set. TSI’s Full FreeFest coverage HERE. Check out what they had to say:

How did you guys come up with the name ghost beach?

Well we were throwing songs together when we first started, and we recorded a bunch of stuff and we were going for like 5 months and we still had no name. We basically finished all the material for our very first ep and we were working with our buddy Nick Heart whose a producer in New York and every day he’d be busting our balls like, do you have a name yet? So he played our music for his 6 year old daughter at the time, and she thought of Ghost Beach.

So there’s no connection to the goosebumps?

Well maybe, Ha. We had no idea. We actually liked something with beach, and the music’s sort of evolved. Once the name came, everything all kind of happened without us thinking about it.

Ghost Beach @ Virgin Mobile FreeFest - Photo by: Teresa McCullough

Ghost Beach @ Virgin Mobile FreeFest – Photo by: Teresa McCullough

So you guys are working on a new album, how’s that going? When is it due to release?

Its gonna come out early next year 2014. It’s good, were just having so much fun in the studio that were just gonna finish up a few more songs. Its exciting, we love working in the studio. It’s pretty much done were just doing some extra stuff, just because we just started doing some new songs live, and the crowd has been into them, so were just like let’s get some more.

What’s it like playing in a smaller venue vs. a large festival like Free Fest?

Both have their pro’s and con’s. I mean it was cool we played U street music hall like as a full band, it was awesome. We also DJ’ed there a bunch. the sound was great. We really love DC, they always bring it. I think with small venues you’re able to have a more personal experience and sometimes the sound just feels good. Like on a huge stage in the middle of a forrest you get lost, you don’t feel it. But also, on a day like today whose not going to have an awesome day? People just wanted to have a good time.

What are you currently listening to?

We listen to a lot of Empire of the Sun, were really into their new record. Chrome Sparks, Flume, and I saw Washed Out the other night at terminal 5. We listen to this Todd Terry essential mix, its like two hours long but when were driving it’s great. Herb Alpert, a lot of Herb Alpert like The Rise album, it’s got the biggie sample, thats where hypnotize came from. Been listening to Phil Collins, No Jacket Required a lot in the last week.

Who are you excited to see today at Free Fest?

I really want to catch Vampire Weekend, I wanna see Robin Thicke…I wanna see if he brings those chicks on stage.

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