Riding high on what has so far been a great tour I catch up with Hello Goodbye frontman Forrest Kline on the road in Austin.

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“This is the biggest tour we have  ever been on!”, he tells me. I ask whether Hello Goodbye has performed with either of these bands before. “We did a show with Paramore in Hawaii a while ago and that kind of got the whole thing rolling.” The band which formed in 2002 while Forrest was still in High School is touring in support of their recent Drive Thru Records release Everything Is Debatable.

The new record is a departure from the band’s early efforts which as exampled by their seminal song “Here (InYour Arms)” were about fun, innocence, and a simple place where the guy always got the girl and everyone had a great silly time. Forrest along with his audience has grown up. “It’s still fun but, making good music is more important to me.” Like the title says – Everything Is Debatable, “all things have different layers and ways to look at them. There is definitely a maturity there.”

I ask if after all these years if touring and the music business still appeals to him. “I started out with graphic design and then skate boarding. I basically hit a wall with both of those things (figuratively not literally with the skateboarding). Music is the one thing that has not let me down.”

And, how does he deal with the quickly changing landscape in the business today? “Making good music is the most important thing. Some bands try to engineer their careers with the right manager or the right type of song. It’s all should be focused on the music. The rest will take care of itself. Musical evolution is a conversation with the whole world. Every day people are listening and responding to what they hear.”

The show,which should be epic takes place at the Susquehanna Bank Center TONIGHT, November 8th.


For more info about the show or the new record “Everything Is Debatable” visit: hellogoodbye.net