New Jersey trio, Lost Romance, have been in the music scene for quite some time. After forming in 2011, the guys have been working hard to make music that will knock your socks off. In learning the ropes of the beast they call rock n’ roll, Lost Romance have released their new EP The Light And The Dark. The 4 tracks are full of passion, stories and a nonchalant rock vibe that isn’t annoyingly in your face. The EP opens up with “(Looking For That) Silver Bullet” which is just the type of song that should come first on an album. It’s got energy and spunk, along with a catchy beat that will have you singing along. They tone it down (not too much) for the second song, “Top Of The World” which offers a great display of all the instruments, especially the drums by Amine Smires, and is accompanied by a guitar solo. “The One” is a call to a possible love that brings back that kicking rock sound. Gerry Perlinski (guitar/vocals) sings, “Can you be the one that I’ve been searching for all this time?” The EP ends with “Straight Into The Future” tying it all together with Alexander Paul laying down the bass lines. The Light And The Dark is a great listen to rock out to. This local indie band has proved they are a name worth remembering. If you’re in the area, check them out tomorrow live! Friday, April 4th – M Room – 15 W. Girard Ave. Philadelphia, PA – Doors 7PM / $10 / 21+

Learn more about the guys in my interview with Gerry below!

Lost Romance
What inspired the naming of the EP The Light And The Dark ?
The inspiration for the title of the EP came from the lyrical content of the songs. We initially recorded six songs for the EP, but decided on choosing to release only these four. We felt these songs best represented the full spectrum of what our sound is like. The lyrical theme throughout the EP is about one’s outlook on life. Everyone can choose to focus on the positive or the negative aspects of life. Everyone has a choice to live in a positive way or a negative way. Sometimes the choice is easy and sometimes it’s really hard. This EP is about the struggle people sometimes have keeping a strong positive outlook on life no matter what comes their way.
What was the writing and recording process like for the EP? 
The writing and recording process for this EP was done very fast. I would say from the songwriting to final mix it was about two weeks. We recorded all the basic tracks live in the studio in one day at Seaside Lounge in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Then took about a week or so to cut the vocals and mix & master with producer David Pattillo (Robert Plant, The National, The Hold Steady) at Flow NY on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  We really wanted to capture the live energy of the band without too much studio production getting in the way. We were inspired by original alternative rock pioneers like Husker Du, The Replacements and mixed that sound with 90’s rockers like Buffalo Tom, The Lemonheads and Nirvana. We took an old school approach to recording with everyone in the same room at the same time. I think that shows in the energy you hear in the final mix and is a little refreshing compared to the overproduced sounds that have been circulating as of late in the industry. We wanted the songs to be stars, not the production and I think it worked out great.
Which song off the EP would you say is your favorite?
That’s a really tough question!  It’s like asking which one of your children you like best. I like all of them for different reasons, but if I had to choose just one it would be “The One”. It has some nice twists and turns musically, but still remains a strong pop/rock song with a good hook.  It’s also one of those songs that just comes out all at once. All the music, lyrics and melody came to me in a flood of creativity. It only happens once in a while, but when it does, it’s magical.
You guys are playing M Room on Friday, what can fans expect from a live show from Lost Romance?
People can expect a full-on rock show experience. We keep the stage banter to a minimum so there is more room for the rock n’ roll. We also like to get the audience pumped and involved with some call and response for our songs. I also love to call people out if they aren’t participating… Ha! There’s nothing worse than someone hanging out at the bar starting at their phone or face deep in their beer when a band is on stage. We want you to have fun at our shows. By the same breath, if we don’t get the room rocking, then we are not doing our job. But don’t expect to stand at our shows with arms folded. We better see some horns up!
Are there any pre-show rituals the band does before taking the stage?
Although we don’t have a pre-set band ritual per se, we do have a huddle just before we hit the stage. We give a promise to put on an amazing show and remember how grateful we are to be in this situation as performers.  Now, we do have some post-gig rituals and they mostly involve food! We’re all foodies on some level and love to check out the local cuisine in every city we play. We’ve made it a point to always go for a cheesesteak when we gig in Philly and we’ve had them all… Pat’s, Geno’s and Jim’s. I’m sure we’re going to cause a lot of ruckus and ruffle some feathers, but as a band I can say without a doubt we like Jim’s Steaks on South Street the best.  Not only are they super tasty, you don’t have to wait outside in the freezing cold in the dead of winter to grab one!
Do you have any one performance that sticks out in your mind as the most memorable?
One of my personal favorites was a show we did at The Grape Room in Philly late last year. It’s a small venue with a great vibe. There was a really cool and appreciate audience there that night including some of our friends in the Philly scene like John & Brittany, promoters Saul Dratman, Jim Cunningham and photographer Reji Berrouet. We really pushed the music hard and the audience responded back in kind. The sound was great too. When you’re on stage and can hear everything clearly, you can lose yourself in the moment and let the music take over. Those are always the best shows to me.
Any big plans in store for the rest of 2014?
2014 already started out with a bang and we’ve had some great shows. We recently did a mini-tour of New England with our friends The Nuclears from Brooklyn. We’re planning on doing some longer tours with them for the summer. Hopefully hit the road for a few weeks and just tear it up. We are also getting ready to hit the recording studio this Spring to record our new album. It’s going to be much longer than the EP with about 8 or 9 songs. We’ll be working with producer and engineer Tom Beaujour (Nada Surf, Guided By Voices, The Virgins) at his studio in Hoboken, NJ. Tom is an old friend and former work colleague when I worked in the other side of the music biz at Guitar World Magazine many moons ago. I’m super psyched to be working with him because he knows way more about gear than I do and has a great ear. We’re planning on recording much of the songs we are doing live, plus some new ones in the works.  Look out for something later this year!


Check out the full EP below!

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