Chris Carrabba and the entire Anthemic Folk Rock band, Twin Forks are rolling down the east coast; making stops in NYC, Boston, DC, including a show in Philly on May 18th at TLA. I got the chance to speak with Chris Carrabba before their show in Salt Lake City.  Even through the phone, I could feel his eagerness to share his feelings about the band, and this only confirmed what I already knew. It quickly became apparent through comments and interactions with fans that their goal is to make genuine music and that they have tons of fun doing so.



[INSIDE SCOOP] w/ Chris Carrabba

Carrabba is also known as the lead singer in indie-rock group Dashboard Confessional. He sites that his experience with Twin Forks has been very similar to the early days of Dashboard. “My favorite period of Dashboard was when we were truly the underdog. I loved that we had something to prove,” he says. Carrabba continued to talk about his love for being on a tour bus and how close it brings you as a group.   “The beginning of Dashboard Confessional was about myself, Twin Forks is about camaraderie.”

Currently, the band is composed of 5 members: Chris Carrabba, Kimmy & Kelsey Baron, Shawn Zorn and Jonathan Clark. The name “Twin Forks” symbolizes 4 people who come from different places but somehow meet at a common road. I think it is a perfect representation of their aesthetic – a selection of different elements that when blended create a harmonious and joyous sound.

The band has been on tour with Augustana, which “has been a great opportunity” says Carrabba. He sheepishly admits that the audience is often surprised that they’re as good as an opener as they are. “They can’t ignore the fact that we are pouring our souls into the performance.”

Many of the lyrics to songs like “Cross My Mind” and “Something We Just Know” seem extremely personal. “Everybody writes from a personal point of view,” Carrabba told me. He says stories with people, sometimes even strangers, resonate with him. The songs are just “firsthand experiences told through a filter of poetic license to minimize moments.” Twin Forks’ songs have a resonating power that stays with you long after it ends.

[WATCH] Twin Forks – “Cross My Mind” (Slacker Performance)

Chris recalled that the touring experience has been incredible so far and each performance feels like it can’t be topped. “We had a great show in Seattle – it was the first time we thought we dominated the moment far beyond ourselves. When you really get into a good spot, you drift out into the room.”

I always like to ask artists who they are currently listening to and who inspires them. Recently, Carrabba has been into The Milk Carton Kids and The Wood Brothers. He references Jason Isbell, Fleetwood Mac and Paul Simon as obvious muses.