The New York duo, ASTR started off their tour with The Knocks last week, and I was given the opportunity to sit down with them and chat about Drake, Reality TV, and new music genre’s…here’s what they had to say:


T: So you guys met in a cafe of a yoga studio, met up later and banged out a hit basically?

Adam: Hit it and quit it, ride it to the bitter end, but we experimented for awhile.


T: I heard the drake cover you guys did, how do you feel about him using a lint roller court side at an NBA game?

Adam: I back it 100% because I was given a white fluffy persian cat, and man, I wear a lot of black, so yeah I back it.

Zoe: I say, Drake can do no harm, he can wear a blue silk button up like no one else can pull that off. But Drake can continuously put out awful music videos and just like hit it, and we love you Drake, it doesn’t matter what you do.


T: Tell me a little bit about your song Blue Hawaii, it’s super catchy.

Adam: I remember, cause we started that song and it was actually part of a song of a song, and it was listed as something completely different in my file system and we sat on it for awhile, and even after we finished writing it I was like, is this good? I don’t know if it’s right.

Zoe: I remember it was easy to write, the lyrics just came.

Adam: That part where it’s like, I’m just doin’ my thing, Big K.R.I.T is actually featured. We’re putting on a music video for it, gotta get that video out on the you tubes.


T: Adam I hear you’re a bit of a foodie, if you were in the kitchen, what would you be cooking and who would you be listening to?

Adam: I don’t listen to a lot of music when I cook, I do have a fisher price record player that I bring into the kitchen, it’s great except when you get a lot of food on your hands. But you know I try to do gourmet scrambles, red cabbage, I mean people sleep on that, it doesn’t get floppy in the fridge, it stays crisp. It’s the jam, always keep a head of red cabbage. Record wise, Disco. Long play no 45’s, and definitely jazz, or horror movie soundtracks.


T: Which dead artist would you guys love to collaborate with?

Both: Aaliyah, Michal Jackson, Whitney Huston.


T: Zoe, you were asked to be on a reality show and said no, how do you guys think reality shows are affecting our youth culture?

Zoe: Reality TV, when a network has control of it and its for the dumbing down of society, I can’t back that culturally. Especially a lot of these shows are banking on you looking stupid and selling sex, and they know what works, they have this format and you don’t really have any creative control behind that. Our manager is really, really funny and he’s been asked to do a million reality shows and he’s always turned them down. But he’s in the position where he has creative control and he’s doing all these cartoons sketches behind it, and all the skits are made by them and I’m kind of OK, this is my one loophole that is creative content rather than we’re selling sex and talking about stupid vapid sex.

Adam: The worst is the teen mom, thats like really bad. But you know what the best reality TV is? Vice. Yeah, people think reality TV has got the dark side, but like Vice is doing something.

Zoe: It’s like news, but reality news. Oh, new genre reality news.


T: Have you guys heard of the genre witch house?

Zoe: Witch house, what IS that? Music wise, I don’t know anything about that. I’m all for making new genre’s though, melt that shit, call it whatever you want.. Noir & B, Sad Core. All that shit.


T: Do you think it would have turned out any different if you went with the name sock puppets?

Adam: hahahaha, thats like an inside joke for me, that wasn’t really on the short list of names.


T: Biggie or Tupac?


Adam: Biggie, but like the more I go back and look at stuff about Tupac, he was just more of an ‘in your face’, musically best raps, redefined the whole game.

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