We talked with Jordan from Hydra Melody to get their take on coming to Lancaster, PA all the way from San Antonio, TX to play the Launch Music Conference and to learn more about this rising band. They said their manger, Chad Richardson from CPR Artist Management, found out about Launch online and once they knew they were playing the conference, they went ahead and booked shows around it. This is their 1st time touring the east coast. They’ve spent time in the south and on the West Coast, where they played in one of their favorite venues thus far, The Viper Room. But really want to tour the east coast more frequent. They currently have an untitled EP available with four tracks and have planed to start  recording their full lenght album this September. They hope 2 months prior to recording they can tour back through the east coast for a 2nd time.  This trip, they played shows in Tennessee and made there way to PA where earlier this week & played a show at the Crock Rock in Allentown.

This 6 piece band has been playing music together for 5 years. Jordan, vox and guitar, and Justin, vox and keys, are brothers. They been studding music since they were 5 & 6 years old. When we spoke to them earlier this week while they we traveling on the road from Tennessee to Allentown, we asked them what type bands are they listening to right now? “Well right now we are listening to As Tall As lions, like actually have the CD in the player right now. We just turned it down to talk to you. I also really like MS Doom,” says Jordan. With the struggles right now that bands find to be able to continuously tour, we asked them if they would rather find major label success or would they rather find a solid indie label? He said they are pretty much open to anything that can help spread the word about them and market them. He said he feels anyone can tell you their band is great, but as a band, you really need someone else to be doing that for you. “You need that one degree of separation”, says Jordan. We asked him how he felt about bands that were making music but only looking toward licensing and not playing live shows or touring. “Good Luck to them” Says Jordan. He feels everyone plays their part and creates music for what ever reason is important to them. “I play music because I love music and I love to travel and meet people, seeing the country. But everyone has their niche and everyone has to eat.” Jordan said they’ve paving their own way and have gone thought struggles. Now they draw 200+ kids at shows in San Antonio and in cites like Chicago because the band has a great sense of work ethic and they are all working toward the same goal. Becasue they are playing a show on Record Story Day, we asked them what they thought about a lot of younger kids getting back into vinyl and if they ever plan to release something on vinyl. “Yea, we’ve already considered putting something on vinyl,” said Jordan. They might even consider putting their full length that they’re recording in September on vinyl. Based on our visits to record stores in Lancaster this week, that’s probably not a bad idea.

Hydra Melody is

Vocals/Guitar – Jordan Berlanga
Vocals/Guitar – Robert Pompa
Drums – Mateo Gomez
Bass – Bobby Hass
Keys/Vocals – Justin Berlanga

They play tonight as part of the Launch Music Conference @ Marion Court Room – 7:00PM