Martin Garrix

Interview by: Devin O’Toole, Photo by: Teresa McCullough

We got a chance to sit down down with teenage, Dutch dance sensation Martin Garrix to get his thoughts on schooling, Le Oranj, and EDM in the USA.

Devin:  As an 18 year old, what’s schooling been like for you?

Martin: I just graduated. I didn’t finish high school, but I went to a special school for producers and musicians, a three year course for engineering, producing and learning all the tricks. So now I have my producing degree and certification.

D:  How did your parents take the news?

M:  Initially they were in shock. Their child was telling them that he wasn’t going to finish high school, and they just said finish your last year, but I told them that I love producing and that I could make my money in the future. So what made me happy, made them happy.

D:  What inspired the drop in “Animals”?

M: B It’s a weird sound inspired by a hip hop drum loop. I listen to a lot of hip hop tracks and it’s not used quite often in House currently. I chopped up the loop and edited it so you wouldn’t recognize the original.

D:  What program did you use to create it?

M:  FL Studio. FruityLoops. I tried Logic and Abelton, but I couldn’t make any great music. If I have an idea in my head, within no time it’s into the computer, it may take more time to make it sound right, but that’s the only issue.

D:  How do you like to produce?

M:  Alone, in the dark at night.

D:  Most of the language used in your songs is English, do you have Flemmish or Dutch songs?

M:  I don’t want to just be an artist for one country, I want to produce for the world.

D: How has your music been received in Europe as opposed to America?

M: America is new to instrumental dance tracks on the radio, we were all so surprised “Animals” did so well on the radio. In Europe, it’s more common to hear aggressive dance tracks on the radio. I’m so excited to get my new stuff out and hopefully get the same reaction.

D:  What did you think about Netherlands in the World Cup?

M:  Surprisingly we came super high, but the last game I didn’t think we deserved to lose that one. Hey, if we had lost to Mexico, then that was a great game and they are a great team, but the last one (losing to Agentina 4-2 on penalties,) was fucked up.

D:  Who are the best DJs and producers in the game?

M:  Best DJ is Hardwell, every set he kills, he edits so well and surprises people. The best producers in the game? I’ve got a whole list. Tom Swoon, Arty, Jay Hardway is a really great friend of mine, great producer.

D:  You’ve been quoted as being a big fan of trance legend Tiesto, do you like what he’s done with his music over the years?

M:  I loved his music back then and I love his music now. I just really love how he’s doing whatever he wants. He got so much shit going from techno to house. All the trancers were like ‘why the fuck did you backstab us?’ He just loves music and if he loves a track he just wants to put it out. I do love the legendary stuff like “Zero 76,” “Traffic,” and “Lethal Industry.”

D:  Can we look forward to any collaborations or remixes later this year?

M:  I got a new track with Ed Sheeran that’ll blow people’s minds. My next track will be with Afrojack. In September, I have a whole month off to work on new music so I’m working on a new album.

D:  Who do you want to see here at Lollapalooza?

M:  I watched Zedd yesterday which was amazing, I went to see Eminem and Rihanna. Calvin Harris, Krewella (I actually had dinner with them last night.) This festival brings together so many cool, genres, it’s like Coachella.

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