There are some shows people dream of coming together.  If you’ve yet to have the privilege to see any of these three bands live yet, don’t wait – get your tickets now for their show at World Cafe (Downstairs) on November 18th.   Representing Nashville on this journey we have The Apache Relay and Wild Feathers, then Desert Noises, coming from Utah.  Together, they are some of the most exciting and energetic live acts out on the road today.

These three bands have been traveling together, playing shows across the US for the last month.  I got a chance to chat with a member from each group to play a little game.  Since they’ve had the privilege to be playing many a show together as of late, I decided to test their knowledge of each other and have a little fun with some questions…here it goes:


Chat with Desert Noises’ Kyle Henderson (lead singer/guitar)

TSI: Who is the most handsome member of Apache Relay?

K: It’s a tie between Mike and Steve. Mike is the most handsome man, you can’t beat that beard.

TSI: If you were to write and direct a movie, who in Apache Relay would be the main character and what would the plot be?

K: Steve – The plot would be Steve re-enacting Johnny Appleseed.

TSI: Who is the best driver in Wild Feathers?

K: Preston is probably the best driver.

TSI: If you could go on a man date with any member of Wild Feather, who would it be and what would you do?

K: Taylor – We could probably do hoodrat stuff with my friends around town.

Desert Noises are currently touring off their album 27 Ways, which was released earlier this year.

Photo by: Melissa Madison Fuller

Photo by: Melissa Madison Fuller

Chat with The Apache Relay’s Ben Ford (bass/vocals)

TSI: Who in Desert Noises would win in a game of Scrabble? (or Words with Friends for those more app intensive)

B: Brendan – I get the book worm vibe from him.

TSI: If you were to cook for someone in Desert Noises dinner, who would it be and what would you make them?

B: Kyle – I would attempt to make Kyle’s mom’s macaroni for Kyle. Give him a little piece of home.

TSI: Who has the best shirt collection in Wild Feathers?

B: Taylor – I’ve seen him rock some pretty great western style shirts.

TSI: If you were to get stranded on an island, who in Wild Feather would you hope it’s with, and what item would you want on an island?

B: I’d Prefer the whole band because everyone is so great.  Maybe kind of a lame choice, but maybe a record player. 

TSI: What kind of records would you have if you could? 

B: The new Spoon, They Want My Soul, Heartless Bastards’ Arrow, and Harry Nilsson’s Pussy Cats.

The Apache Relay are currently touring off their self titled album that came out earlier this year. 

Wild_Feathersphoto-credit-frank-maddocks-extralarge_1377553136257 (1)

Chat with Wild Feather’s Joel King (bass/vocals)

TSI: Who in Apache Relay would win in a rap battle?

J: Mike would probably win in a rap battle, but only if it were a rap battle with 90’s Pop Country music.

TSI: If you could switch identities with anyone in Apache Relay for a day, who would it be and why?

J: Ben – I could come in on the bass, have my back turned, might not know I’m there. He also kind of looks like the lead singer of The Shins (James Mercer).  So Ben could switch in for the Shins, James switches with me, and then I go with Apache for one night.

TSI: Who in Desert Noises has the best hair?

J: Tyler – He has that natural, radiant hair.

TSI: You’re asked to write and compose an album of children’s songs, who in Desert Noises would you choose to collaborate with and what theme would you choose for it?

J: Kyle – We could create something like the opposite of Desert Noises, like city sounds: sirens, breaking and entering, things like that. 

Tickets are still available for the show on November 18th at World Cafe Live (Downstairs).  Word on the street is that there may be a jam between the three bands at the end of the night. Show review to follow!