Philadelphia-based pop-rock trio The Fleeting Ends released their newest album, Our Eyes are Peeled, on March 26 after a very successful CD release party at Milkboy Ardmore last Friday.


TSI had the chance to ask the band some questions about themselves and the album, the transaction was as follows…


Tri State Indie: Where did the band get the name “The Fleeting Ends” from?


The Fleeting Ends: We pretty much owe it to thin air. During the recording sessions for our Self Titled album in the summer of 09 we were still in search of a name. Matt Vantine had been taking summer classes at the time and one day it simply popped in his head. He presented us with it and we went from there. Pretty simple.


TSI: How did Russell come to join the band?


TFE: Shortly after finishing our first LP we played a show at The Kyhber in Old City. Matt V and Matt A played as two piece for some time before and after the sessions at MilkBoy. We were first of about four bands and Rusty was in the headlining band from NYC. He could obviously see we were in need of a bass player so he approached us and said if we ever wanted some help let him know. We got his contact info and before we knew it he was moving to Philly and becoming part of the band.


TSI: With the addition of Russell on bass, how does “Our Eyes are Peeled” differ from you previous self-titled album?


TFE: Having a little experience under our belt has made a big difference for us. We’ve worked together for some time now and it seems to flow quite nicely in the studio. The determination and dedication has gone way up. The music has definitely matured, lyrically and instrumentally. We also had the privilege of working with Master Sting arranger Larry Gold. He helped us out on three tunes. It’s a step closer to truly finding ourselves.


TSI: What were some of the primary influences for Our Eyes Are Peeled?


TFE: Each member of the band has a list that’s millions of names long.  Just to name a few, The Beatles, Neil Young, Blur, The Rolling Stones, The Cure … you get the idea!


TSI: What kind of differences can people expect between the band’s recordings and live performances?


TFE: We try to replicate the album the best we can as a three piece. Recently we’ve had help from our friend Alfiya Latypova. She is a great violinist and keyboard player. She really has kicked it up a notch for us. The live show should always be different from the recordings. The songs are there but the energy is different. Were the live show may lack in instrumentation it flourishes in energy and feel.


TSI: What plans do you guys have for the future?


TFE: Gigs! We’ll be hitting the road for sure. April and May are filling up quick and we’re all supper excited. We also write on a daily basis so we can confidently say new music is on the way.


In the meantime, check out a video of the band performing “Operator” to get a taste of their sound…

Be sure to check out the Fleeting Ends’ new album, Our Eyes Are Peeled and see them at one of their upcoming shows!