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Tumbled, a cross-genre EP introducing four tracks, five incredibly gifted individuals, and countless promises, was released on Tuesday, September 23rd. Opening the album with a tasteful use of autotune in a bed of folk, Brian Dale Strouse lead singer/guitarist/songwriter claims, “I never loved someone the way I love you.” The genuine tone evoked in this batch of songs is the same tone I received when talking to Strouse about the album and The Lawsuits’ future plans.

I am often inspired by the quintet’s ability to write in more than a handful of styles, but Strouse says, “It’s just what we’ve been striving to do, write music, not a particular style of music.” With a line-up like Strouse, Vanessa Winters (vocals), Brendan Cunningham (bass), Josh Friedman (drums), and Joe Bisirri (guitar/piano), it is no wonder The Lawsuits have rocked out with bands like The Districts, Band of Horses, and The All-American Rejects.

“Sweet Marcelle” seems to acknowledge some old rusty emotional chains that Strouse broke free from in the past. Oddly enough, I couldn’t help but hear hints of both Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” and John Legend, an interesting combination that meets somewhere in the middle, yet sounds nothing like the two. When I asked Strouse about his lyric writing process all he had to say was “you feel a certain way and it just kinda comes out.” Of course, he added, “I am able to sit down and write a song when I want to write a song, and it doesn’t make me special. There are tons of people out there with that ability.”

Believe it or not, this hodgepodge of styles echoed their recording process for Tumbled as well. “We set up down in Joe’s beach house in Jersey and rented some gear, and a lot of the overdubs were recorded at my place,” says Strouse.

On Friday, September 26th, the band will be playing their release show at Johnny Brenda’s with DRGN KING and Tutlie. Catch them while they are in Philly because according to Strouse, The Lawsuits have some November plans.

If you haven’t purchased or heard the full EP, Tumbled, yet, it’s time to stroll over to Culture Collide and put your ears at ease.