The bands Sweet Leda and Lovebettie have been sharing stages for almost five years.  These two four-piece touring bands play 120+ shows a year and they pour their hearts into every one.  On Friday October3 at 9pm they return to Lancaster, PA for a very special dual bill in the big back room at Tellus 360.  Tickets are just $10 for this Sweet Love Fest at TSI’s New Regional Venue of the Year in 2013.

Lovebettie L1


No doubt these bands get paired up often because they both feature a dynamic woman out front and a rock-solid backline.  Both are represented by OneKoast Entertainment.  Both bands have played Lancaster on many occasions and call it a home away from home.  They plan to make this night very special with shared sets, shared musicians and a whole lot of get down featuring special guest the extraordinary Ron Holloway on sax.

Sam Campbell from has hosted these bands in Lancaster many times and has caught them live all over the region in every kind of setting.  He posed a few questions to the power couples in the bands: Julie and Jaime from Sweet Leda and C.t. and Alexandra (Ali) from Lovebettie.

Sam: When you hear “Lancaster,” what pops into your head?

Julie: Sam, central market, art galleries, Music for Everyone.  I picture walking around outside, and being surrounded by art and music! And being in the(Lancaster Central) market, surrounded by yummy stuff.

Jaime: music, arts, cool venues…Sam Campbell

Ali: friendly people, beautiful, historic yet still hip town and great audiences!

C.t.:Awesome people!  Seriously, everyone we have met from Lancaster has been so genuine and supportive of our music.  The city is so art-centric and music loving…now that’s our kind of city!

Sam: You’ve all played Lancaster a bunch of times.  Do you have any favorite performance memories?

Julie: There are SO many. But most involve shows where we get to play with other bands. Especially with our OneKoast fam. The last time we played Tellus was for LAUNCH; we played one night and Lovebettie played the other. Both nights were SO much fun!

Jaime: I have three. First was our first gig ever at DIPCO (The Lancaster Dispensing Company). We were so well received our first time in town that we immediately knew we had a new home, literally from our first song of the night.  Second was at Tellus 360 for LAUNCH 2014….the whole night was a blast….and then the room just completely filled up for our set and the crowd was pumped….it was pretty awesome!
Third was Lancaster Roots and Blues…..between Sam’s introduction and the overly-packed full house… was obvious that this town likes to get down!

Ali: We’ve had some great shows in Lancaster, but my favorite two were the Gigspots 4 Corners show (at Chameleon Club with Sweet Leda, MiZ and Dana Alexandra) and our recent blowout at Tellus 360 for LAUNCH Music Conference.

C.t.:   During LAUNCH Music Conference last year, we had a blowout show at Tellus 360.  Lovebettie performed in the front room, so we put our grand piano right in the middle of the dance floor and Alexandra sang from standing on top of it while everyone circled around.  It made the show so intimate, but so energetic being right in the crowd!

Sweet Leda booty

Sam: How did it work out that you have the venue, both bands, a promoter, two music festivals and an online music magazine working together to promote a show for two out of town bands?

Jaime: I was just thrilled about how quickly and easily everyone came on board. It supports our feelings about the town and its music scene.

Julie: That would be the feeling of being Jaime Horrigan’s wife, haha. He is the one who came up with the awesome idea. He is amazing! I’m so proud.

C.t.:  We are fortunate to have a great network of awesome people and organizations that are really working hard to promote independent music and build a great scene in the region.  Organizations like and LAUNCH Music Conference are huge resources for the artists, while Tri State Indie and Naptown Music are promoting/ raising awareness for the bands, and Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival as well as Tellus 360 are providing an awesome outlet for those musicians to be heard and fans to be able see their favorite artists.  It’s a real blessing to see everyone teaming up for live music, and a real honor to have them all pushing our event in particular.

Ali:  I do think that is pretty unusual! I guess that just goes to show how many amazing people there are out there supporting independent bands right now,  and how lucky Sweet Leda and we are to have all of them and each other as friends.

Sam: Your bands are often described as sexy.  How does that make you feel, and what do you think is sexy?

Ali: Is that question for us or Sweet Leda?

Sam: Both bands haha! Don’t you know people think your band is sexy?

Ali: Hahaha no, I’ve never heard someone call us sexy.

Julie:Our sound is grounded in soul/R&B/funk. So that feeling of sex is the foundation of many of our songs.

Jaime: Uhhh….I love it! It’s a real compliment to me. Music, particularly rock and soul, has always been associated with love and lust…..if we’re exemplifying that, I think we’re doing something right. What is sexy? Well….what makes us sexy? Sure it’s the sum of all parts….but it starts and ends with Juls. From her voice, to the way she moves on stage, to the fact that she obviously doesn’t even know how sexy she is.

C.t.: We don’t try to sound sexy when writing our music, but we do like making music with a deep groove and singing about real things in our lives like love, passion, and relationships.  It’s a big part of Swagger Rock which is our genre’s namesake.  Sexiness to us is not necessarily about attractiveness, it’s about cutting loose, and letting yourself truly be free and confident with who you are and willing to put it all out there.  So if people see us doing that and find it sexy, then that is pretty cool.

Sam: I always thought of the “swagger” as like teammates on a winning team.  In it to win it, all together, swinging for the fences.

Ali: Interesting! We meant, like, sexy, stylish, with attitude.  I guess haha!  I guess, when it’s you, you don’t think of yourself as “sexy.”  But, musically I am going for something that affects all your senses and emotions and that reaches all the ups and downs of life. If my band makes you feel sexy, well, I’m pretty excited about that because who doesn’t like feeling sexy?!  Music is passion in a shared state, giving and receiving for all involved. I want my audience to feel like we’ve connected and grown together even in the short time span of one performance; I always feel like I do.  So, all in all, being a “sexy” band, yea, I will take that! Hahahaha!

SweetLove Tellus