Interview & photo by: Teresa McCullough

Ricky Reed and Novena Carmel of the exaggerated hip-pop, dub-step project Wallpaper. came through to talk movie soundtracks, psychedelic freak fans and the subtle art of the guestlist dalliance.

Teresa McCullough:  Tell me about “Hesher”.

Ricky Reed:  We finished the album last year right before Warped Tour and wanted a song we could give to the crowd that would work, so it became a last minute add on.
Novena Carmel:  We shot the video during that tour- we requested our show to be early because we had a half day in the Bay area then we raced over to San Fran to do the video. It was madness.

TM:  Who would you wanna collab with?

RR:  I’d stick with the big dogs — Beyoncé, tune-yards, Sam Smith.
NC:  Andre 3000, Jimi Hendrix. Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix

TM:  “#STUPiDFACEDD” ended up in the trailer for 22 Jump Street– How’d that go down?

RR:  That’s way over our heads. Those promo spots go through our people that represent us and I usually find out about it by someone tweeting me on a Tuesday at 10am that they heard the song in the trailer.
NC:  It’s funny how when you get something like that people suddenly think you know the actors in the film, people saying “Hook me up! ” No. Hook me up.

TM:  What’s the funniest thing someone’s ever thrown on stage?

RR:  Themselves. We get a lot of full bodies. We had a guy at Wakarusa smash into me on stage and broke my ukulele.
NC:  He also bum rushed Derek (Taylor, drummer.)
RR:  We later found out he was on a lot of psychedelics, but he ended up running through a white projector because he didn’t see it and was found later doing snow angels in the mud while security tackled him.

TM:  Have you ever put anyone on the guest list to get laid?

NC:  For one of us to lay them? We’ve helped some people out.
RR:  That has happened. We like to help people out… No comment.

Look for Wallpaper. to tour the eastern US cities this fall. (No touring dates currently available.)