On the Philly Scene Local and live: Nicole Kerrigan

Producers have heard “hey my daughter is pretty, and she can sing too” many times. Fewer are the times that both things are actually true, 19 year old Nicole Kerrigan happens to fit that description and then some. So even though producer Gino Caporale, a family friend of many years, was hesitant, he took a listen. Instantly he was hooked. Days before Nicole was to record a demo for someone else, Gino took her to AudioMax Studio, and got Multi Platinum Record Producer Steve “Mr Mig” Migliore to help her record her first song “I Like Dem Boyz“.

Taking secret lessons around the corner of her South Philly home with another Grammy Award Winner, Anitta Cloud, Nicole shocked even her friends with her talent. As we chatted about her beginnings, she let me in on the reason she kept her voice such a secret “I wanted to wait until I had everything perfect” she said.  Inspired by Lady GaGa, and Adele, Nicole doesn’t want to be just another female Dance Music singer who fizzles out before they got started, she taking her talents all over the globe. Her first show at Top Dog a few days ago began that journey. Admittedly nervous with excitement, Nicole was happy to share what she loves doing with her family and fans. With her single, “I Like Dem Boyz” dropping this Fall, and a performance on October 1st at Campbells Field for the Hunger Fest, the next few months will be big for Nicole.

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Photo courtesy of Tazmania Records