An encounter that happened by chance long ago at a club after a DJ set, began a friendship between Gino Caporale & Mike Ferullo. Years after that initial meeting, these two friends became one of the most sought after tandems in the dance music scene forming the Beat Bangerz.

Hip Hop really started to infiltrate the ‘mainstream’ when the 1990’s were coming to a close. And without warning as the year 2000 rolled around, the Hip-Hop genre took over the air-waves. So Gino Caporale (formerly of Viper) and Mike Ferullo (of Tazmania) who were producers of freestyle music found it hard to stay afloat. Like many other producers during that time period, they ended up taking different paths with their lives.

But nine years later Ferullo decided to switch things up and focus more on commercial music verses underground. His planned worked and Ferullo and Caporale began Beat Bangerzz! Even though some freestyle purists weren’t sure about this new venture, they quickly caught on. Beat Bangerzz worked with many of the artists that the purists remembered from days of old, but with a brand new sound. And with the Hip-Hop community becoming more dance friendly, dance music began to rise once again.

In two short years working out of the AudioMax Studio in Cherry Hill the duo produced such classics as “What Happened to Love” (Denine) and “You Remind Me” (Joe Zangie).  So impressed with the work, muliti platinum producers Mike Rizzo and  Steve “Mr. Mig” Migliore invited them to do a remix of a song they were working on for Candi Man 187, and Snoop Dogg.  Obviously honored, the duo accepted and has no plans for stopping there. They have big plans in the future to take dance music to a level it has never seen!! So stay tuned.