When I spoke to guitarists, singer, songwriter; Adam Bird, you could feel his passion right through the phone. Which came as no surprise after listening to Those Mockingbirds most recent album release Fa Sol La. If you are yet to hear it, please do not deprive yourself.

Bird started Those Mockingbirds about two years ago, “…we’re still babies”, states Bird endearingly. “When I was creating the band I reached out to Tory, a friend of a friend at the time. I knew she was an artist and I asked if she played piano…”, stated Bird speaking of violinist, pianist, singer, Tory Daines. Bird continues, “….Tory had actually never played piano before, she learned the piano for the audition and when she came in she was like, by the way I also play the violin and sing”.

In the early stages of the bands career they struggled with lack of comradely and soon Bird and Daines found themselves feeling like outcasts in their own band. This did not stop these two talented artists from regrouping and coming back better then ever.

Bird describes the Those Mockingbirds we know and love today, “we’re committed to the band and the music, we move as a unit.” Perhaps this is because when practicing and recording “anything goes”. Bird explains that although when the band is live they each have their designated instruments, during practice or while recording everyone dabbles in a little bit of everything.  As far as the writing and creating of the songs, Bird says that he makes the blueprints and the band makes it come to life. “We are super collaborative and everyone writes their own parts,” Bird says.

Bird goes on to talk about “Don’t Stray one of his favorite songs on Those Mockingbirds new album Fa Sol La. “When I wrote “Don’t Stray”, I knew I had something special in my hands. I was really excited about it and when the song came together better then it had sounded in my head, it was an amazing thing. That rarely ever happens.”

Quickly following with his “equally favorite” song on the new album, “The Bloodiest Gums”. This intense song is about someone lying their way into your life, says Bird. “….the kind of person who walks a little old lady across the street and then goes and knocks on her door later asking for money”.

The song is enticing from the very first line; “we’re underwater and you try to sell me your last breath, but it’s not because you want to save me. It’s because you want to have enough stories for your book about you. “ If the lyrics do not give you chills the intensifying violin in this song will.

As I finished up the interview with Bird I asked what are your expectations for Those Mockingbirds. “Without sounding to cliché, nothing. We do it so much for ourselves, for the music we want to hear and make, I stopped worrying about the future and I am having fun in the now. I just sincerely appreciate everyone who is giving this band a chance.”

Those Mockingbirds play The Bowery Electric as part of BANG THIS on Wednesday in NYC this week during CMJ Music Marathon.