Nevada Color is a pop-rock quintet from Pittsburgh who recently released their first EP, titled Sharkey Lewis. The band, consisting of  Quinn Wirth (vocals), Max Kovalchuk (guitar), Chris Cichra (bass) Adam Valen (guitar), and Jeremy Westhead (drums) started playing together in 2012 and their influences include Young The Giant, Walk The Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, and the Smiths.

Sharkey Lewis Track List:121901779-1

1.) “Sweet Adventurer”
2.) “Lucy”
3.) “Into the Woods”
4.) “Dreamer”
5.) “I am an Animal”
6.) “Oh Helen”

Sharkey Lewis starts off strong with “Strong Adventurer.” The song starts off slow but quickly breaks into a fun, fast-paced tune that sounds very much like Walk The Moon. It the vocals sound extremely earnest and sincere and the song as a whole feels huge and triumphant while also sounding a little sorrowful. It’s a very good listen, to say the least.

“Lucy” starts off with a call-and-response dynamic with the vocals and most of the instruments. The singer will sing a quiet verse with the drums and bass and then the rest of the band comes in loud and fast. When the two eventually meet up, the song climaxes into a rambunctious declaration of love and then abruptly goes back to quiet vocals. The differences in tone and mood make the song entertaining and interesting to listen to.

“Into the Woods” begins with just drums and an acoustic guitar and then explodes into a very ambient, full-bodied song. There’s a beauty about the song that makes it one of the stronger songs on the EP.

The next song, “Dreamer” sounds similar to a slower and very melodic Two Door Cinema Club or Walk The Moon song. The guitars are what really shine in this song. There are subtle guitar riffs strategically placed throughout the song that just contribute a lot to the overall feel of the song in addition to just sounding great tonally.

“I am an Animal” opens with a guitar riff that sounds straight out of a Two Door Cinema Club song. Listen for yourself,


The song is really great rhythmically, with upbeat, poppy drums, music, and vocals.

Sharkey Lewis winds down with “Oh Helen,” a slow love song that brings the EP to a satisfying close.

As a whole, Nevada Color proves themselves as more than capable pop-rock artists. Sharkey Lewis is a catchy, fun, and entertaining EP that you should definitely at least give a listen. Sharkey Lewis can also be purchased on iTunes or through Nevada Color’s Bandcamp, where you can also download acoustic versions of “Sweet Adventurer,” “Into the Woods,” and “Oh Helen.”