Iva, a formally trained opera singer, has recently returned to the States after living for
four years in Stockholm and performing in the Royal Opera of her adopted country.  Her
return comes on the heels of her success in Sweden including signing her label over to
Universal and releasing her new CD “Ivolution” to nationwide audiences.

Her performance at The Flash with her band was a joy to see and hear.  She has a voice
that is full and rich with a range that’s rare in the pop music world.  Her stage training
is evident as she performs her own songs to her own arrangements.   Her songs run the full
spectrum of happy, sad, lost and regained romance.

Originally from Wilmington, Delaware, this local talent is definitely one to watch and
liston to.  Keep you eyes open for this remarkable crossover talent.  See Iva, her pop
persona in venues like The Flash and her opera persona, Emily Sampson Tepe, at larger
venues like OperaDelaware.  Her next gig is at The Queen in Wilmington on April 1.  No April Fools’ joke here, she’s the real thing.  Catch her show if you can.