‘Almost one full year into the making, the Ivan Swangren Trio and Chameleon Club have teamed together to unleash their newest EP, Dare to Dream.

April 9th, 2011

Doors Open at 7PM

Who’s on the bill?
Ivan Swangren Trio
The Late Crowd
Cop Drama
Social Oddities
Via Linota

$8 for tickets $10 at door! (buy your ticket with us and you get our CD for $2) $4 after doors open

Some of our proceeds are being donated to the Japan Red Cross as well! people can donate when buying our cd!

Ivan Swangren
Standing apart from the myriad of local bands, comprised mostly of heavy metal/hardcore acts, the newly formed Ivan Swangren Trio has been drawing attention and respect from club owners and music lovers alike. Based out of Lancaster, Swangren began his music career after graduating high school in May 2006. Since then Ivan has played in notable venues including the North Star Bar in Philadelphia and the Chameleon Club in Lancaster, PA

Ivan Swangren started to pursue his dream as a singer/songwriter. He has many influences varying from Dave Mathews to John Mayer. Writing his own material, Swangren released his first ever track “Crash Into The World” in 2006. (engineered by:Ben Young) When asked where he gets inspirations from songs, Swangren says simply. “My day to day life, through relationships and friendships”

He has a passion for melodic yet rhythmic music, which stems from his sonorous vocals to his many years of percussion training. From November 2007 to August 2008, he led a trio backing group, appropriately named the Ivan Swangren Trio. They recorded an EP with five of their most popular tunes. It was with this group and recording that he became noticed by major club owners and started getting exposure in newspapers and magazines.

In May 2009, Swangren reformed his set and gathered new and improved musicians. With their funk-inspired rhythms and soaring melodies, this act is sure to make a significant impact on the mostly hardcore music scene locally.
Ivan teamed up with drummer Ryan Kiscaden, former drummer of Drop of Grey, and Bass player Nick Lenio and they are releasing a self produced EP named Dare To Dream that they hope to be a  success.
For more updates and tunes check out their Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ivanswangrenmusic