Jeffery Gaines at The Flash in Kennett Square:

I met Jeffery backstage before his show and we chatted. He’s a big guy and when I shook his hand I thought I would lose mine inside that big grasp of his. I thought: how does he play a guitar with hands so big? He answered my unasked question when he went on stage at The Flash. He plays it well, very well.

He pulls his voice and his guitar together and he sings. His songs are huge and gritty. His voice grabs your attention and you want to listen, you want to be moved by the depth of him. He held the audience close, which is easy to do at The Flash. It’s a great room to hear a performer like Jeffery. He’s right there, in front of you, not five feet away.

Between songs he banters and talks to the audience, his monologues tinged with a sense of humor that’s both sardonic and witty. You chuckle at the irony he portrays and you listen more closely as he uses words like “ethos” and “didactic”.

Jeffery pulled some of his songs from the past and made them new. “Hero in Me” and Scares Me More” were outstanding. Towards the end of his set he pulled out the stops and did “In Your Eyes” which he does so well. The room filled with the greatness of that song and with Jeffery’s voice. It was a great moment.