I heard Jill Andrews one night on a public radio stream while working hard here at TSI. I instantly thought maybe it was Kathleen Edwards since she is due to have a new record out soon. But listening closer I realized it was someone else. I made sure that I listened for the unveiling of the artist’s name after the track ended and upon hearing “Jill Andrews” and the title to her latest release Mirrors, I instantly contacted her PR to see if we could get a copy of the record for review here on TSI.

I spend the last week or so with the album and just recently discovering Jill, I’m now a fan. Jill is a Knoxville, TN native, and still resides there today. She started singing at a young age which continued through her teens while strumming her guitar as a camp counselor. She was once part of duet called The Everybodyfields. In 2009 Jill decided to go solo and most say this is when she really started to shine as an artist and a true signer songwriter.

Jill’s full length album Mirrors (released last Tuesday) is full of simple, but beautiful story telling tracks. Most of the songs relay an alt-country feel with soft vocals that paint a picture of life situations and trials, hence my instant personal comparison to Kathleen Edwards. The lyrics cut right to the heart of anyone who has ever been lost in love, dealt with drama, and struggled growing up. There are a few tracks that are more upbeat vs. tender like the track “Blue Sky” which reminded me of one of Jill’s influences, Fiest, and the title track “Mirrors” which also reminded me of Fiest, mixed with Sara Barellis! Track number 9 “Another Man” is a great little ditty that’s a toe tapper which really resembles Fiest.

My favorite track on the album is number  8 -“A Little Less”. Second for me is track 7 -“Cut And Run”. Both give you the feeling of laying in the grass at dusk on a summer day with the smell of a farm or the dusty road to home in the air. They both are mellow dramatic with a more Alt-Country feel that you would get from Kathleen Edwards.

Over all this is a charming record. For me it is full of perfect summer time tunes. Fun, but real, with some up-beat tracks that are great for a car ride with the windows down, but also great for relaxing in a hammock.