Joey DeFrancesco is a big guy and he plays a big machine, a Hammond B3 organ.  It’s got two rows of keys, a row of  drawbars that are sued for sound adjustments and an array of foot pedals whose functions escapes me.   But I know one when I hear one and Joey is the best in the Hammond B3 business.  He does things with a B3 that most players can only hope to duplicate.

Joey hails from a long family tradition of musicians going back to his Sicilian grandfather who played with the Dorsey band.  His father, “Papa” John, was a well known musician and his brother, John, is an accomplished guitar player.

Joey played at Veasley’s in the Reading Crowne Plaza which a great place to see a band like this.  It’s a bar and supper crowd and the atmosphere is casual.  But don’t underestimate, the crowd knows their jazz and they appreciated Mr. DeFrancesco.

Joey was supported by guitar and drums and his set went from hard jazz, and to blues to soft ballads.  He’s a great player and he makes that B3 look easy.