Written while the band was trekking across the Appalachian Trail, Rich Coast is Kids‘ first full-length album. The band is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but the 4-piece seems to spend a lot of time trudging around the world by train hopping and hitchhiking.  The first album trailer documents the beginning of a hitchhiker’s journey and the emotional connections you build with people on the road.  Rich Coast will be released on January,  27th, and there will be two more trailers to come.  Watch the first one below.

KIDS – Rich Coast : Official Album Trailer I from -kids- on Vimeo.


Official Press Release:

Fort Lauderdale, FL | November 24, 2014 – South Florida indie-rock band Kids has released the first of three self-produced album trailers announcing their highly anticipated debut LP Rich Coast, to be released on January 27, 2015. Kids is a uniquely creative band that seeks to make their mark by bringing their listeners on a harmonious visual experience. The band is breaking out with a story of love and adventure, told through the emotional lyrics, powerful melodies, and impeccable musicianship that is Rich Coast through a series of self-produced short films and music videos. “Rich Coast Trailer I” is one of three trailers being released promoting the release of the band Kids’ new album. The trailers are a concept used to interpret the tone and feel of the record. Dated in the early 1900’s, a traveler train hops, camps, hitch hikes, runs, rides, swims, and sails down the coast to get back to his true love. This trailer features a song from Rich Coast called “Broken Homes.”


Kids (similar to Young the Giant, American Authors, Mumford and Sons) is an eclectic four piece American Indie folk/alternative rock band formed in 2012 by Josiah Sampson (guitar), Joshua Diaz (lead vocals, bass), Matthew Barrios (drums) and Christian Gonzalez (guitar). Aside from their musical career, the band works in lead production roles at C&I Studios in Fort Lauderdale, giving them the ability to expand their creativity and transform their music into short film, bringing their listeners (and viewers) on a journey through time as they tell their story. Kids is not just an indie-rock band, they’re an all-inclusive musical experience.
In early 2013, Kids released their debut EP Sink or Swim which had fans wildly raving about their musical craftsmanship and inspiring lyrics. Kids also released a music video for the title track “Sink or Swim” which was self-produced alongside Director Joshua Miller of C&I Studios (“The Distance,” “Grace from Above”).  The success of Sink or Swim led them to playing at Florida’s Coastline Festival, which featured bands such as Passion Pit, Capital Cities, and Two Door Cinema Club. The band also had their music and likeness featured in Hard Rock Energy’s debut commercial.
Earlier this year, Kids released an original studio announcement that set the stage for what’s to come. The band produced a short film called “Trails To Tracks” documenting the old-timey traditions and adventures that created Rich CoastThe band rented a cabin in the woods, cut off communication to the world and began writing in a way reminiscent of Robert Frost and Henry David Thoreau. The sounds of nature, freedom, and youthful joy can be felt with every note and enchanting lyric.


“When we discussed writing our full-length record, we sought out ways to translate feeling into the music. We wanted to convey emotion rather than just a sound or a story, we wanted to put the listener in the scenery where we wrote it. We went on a three-week adventure, across the pines of Chattanooga, Tennessee to the mountains of Northern Georgia. In search for adolescence, in search for a feeling we could construe…” —  Josiah Sampson, Kids


After almost a year of writing and recording, Kids are reinventing the feeling of freedom that reminds us of youthful adventure and seeking direction in life, uniting antique sounds with playful melodies and an array of unique instrumentals creating an original sound. Rich Coast features a blend of indie and folk with a wide variety of distinctive eastern instruments such as Gϋseng, Shruti Box, Zither, Melodica and Casinets, and western instruments Hammer Dulcimer, Ukeline, Banjo and Nashville Guitar to complete Kids’ passionate tale. Kids’ debut album Rich Coast was produced by Jeremiah Dunlap at Emissary Studios (Stages & Stereos, Hoyle) in Orlando, FL, mixed by James Joseph and mastered by Brad Blackwood (Euphoric Mastering).
With the release of ‘Kids: Rich Coast Trailer I, the band is not only announcing their debut LP, they are beginning to tell their story. Kids is entering the spotlight by creating a cinematic journey to connect with listeners and evoke powerful emotions through music as they find their place in the world. Rich Coast is set for release on January 27, 2015, but Kids will continue to bring listeners on their adventure with two additional album trailers featuring the music of Rich Coast and a music video release this December.


Rich Coast LP: Tracklisting

1.   Man on the Moon

2.   Vistas

3.   Love’s Song

4.   Second Star on the Right

5.   Paved Paradise

6.   The Standoff

7.   Lone

8.   Rides

9.   Falsetto

10. Será

11. Broken Homes

12. Sunshine


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