Continuing the storyline of an adventurous hitchhiker, Kids‘ second album trailer incorporates the songs “Lone” and “Second Star On the Right” from their upcoming album, Rich Coast.  In this trailer, the hitchhiker is settling for the night in the fire lit woods.  When morning comes, and his deadline is approaching, intensities rise.  He begins sprinting to find his way back to his lover.

You can find album trailer 1 here, and watch album trailer 2 below.  Look out for the final trailer before the release on January 27th.

KIDS – Rich Coast : Official Album Trailer II from -kids- on Vimeo.

An early 1900’s traveler is hard pressed to make it down the coast to reach his love in time. Hopping trains, hitch hiking, camping, and running to reach her. That’s the theme of the band KIDS album trailer series spearheading the promotion of their new full length album, Rich Coast, officially hitting all online distribution on January 27th 2015. On Trailer II, (opening with track 7 “Lone”) the traveler finds shelter and builds a fire to settle in for the night, keeping his sanity through his loneliness with his two best friends… His harmonica and his pipe. Waking up the next morning in a fog, he realized he’s running late! Now he has to hurry (song, track 4, “Second Star on the Right”). Sprinting, jumping, climbing, and sweating to make his deadline; his determination prevails. He will succeed. For every challenge is a new adventure.
Adventure, that is what the band KIDS derives their inspiration from. “To live would be an awfully big adventure”. Writing the entire album in the midst of adventuring, the band KIDS refused to put a song on Rich Coast that didn’t have a deep, authentic and cohesive meaning and sense of adventure. Preproduction of each song was chiseled down in a log cabin in the woods of Chattanooga Tennessee. The writing had a very specific melodic goal; as most of the melodies follow a traditional pentatonic scale, such as is used in traditional Asian music, as well as very western music. With spaghetti westerns and Kung fu films playing on silent in the cabin, the band KIDS set out to express the feelings of their adventures to the tone of these old cinematic films, as if to be writing film scores. The end product after being produced by Jeremiah Dunlap, was a magical relationship between throwback sounds and modern indie pop. “It sounds as if Coldplay got produced by Quentin Tarantino!”, (A quote that had been thrown around Emissary Studios in Orlando Florida during the process of production)
After reviewing the final production of the LP, Joshua Miller of C&I Studios got a creative itch; writing a series of Trailers, music videos, and branding concepts that would ultimately set the release of Rich Coast on the map in the music and film industry and beyond. Together, setting a new standard for the relationship between indie songwriting, and film. More New singles, trailers, web page, merchandise, tour dates, and prereleases coming soon; so stay tuned for news, buzz, and uptades on social feeds. Cheers