Kingsfoil at RAW Showcase in Philadelphia 4/7

Let me start off by saying that I’ve never gotten so dressed up for a show. Must say a lot about how much I like said band…I mean, tights AND mascara? Yeah, that almost never happens. Anyway, I did feel pretty special walking up to the G Lounge to find ropes and a red carpet. Necessary? Probably not. Worth every second and penny? Absolutely.

What is RAW? Yeah, I had never heard of it either! It’s an independent arts organization, for artists, by artist. Located across the nation, RAW: natural born artists offers monthly showcases supporting art, fashion, music, film, hair & makeup, photography, performing art, and models.

It certainly was an eclectic mix of artists. From the talented musicians, to the fashion show, and even the half naked people walking around wearing body paint, the artistic expressions featured at RAW kept me continually entertained throughout the night.

Given that it had been about 4 months since I last saw Kingsfoil, I was pretty excited to see them play again. On Our Own Together, their latest release, is a product of hard work and extreme dedication. Having interviewed them personally, which you can read here, I know how much of themselves they put into the album. This intense passion to create music shows through every part of their live set. Even more than that, they clearly know how to have fun on stage, which is what music and performing is all about. (They’re also really fun to photograph, which is an added benefit for me.)

My favorite song of the set was the closer, “Demons.” I think I like it because it’s less pop-y and a little dark, similar to my old time Kingsfoil favorite, “Under Your Skin.” Not to take away from their other less dark (but equally good) songs like “Albatross,” “Give it up Now,” and “Dust of the Cities.” The best part about Kingsfoil is how well they play together. This is largely due to the closeness of the group, which should be clear to all who see them in action.

Coming off of a short visit to SXSW and opening for Goo Goo Dolls (!!!), Kingsfoil is on their way to the recognition that they deserve. Don’t wait too long to see exactly what I’m talking about!


Set list:



Give It Up Now

Looking For Trouble

Love is a Carnival Goldfish

Dust of the Cities


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