This weekend, Stir Fry will be my 15th multiple day camping festival this year, and hopefully not the last. There’s an incredible lineup of local and regional talent coming, and a diverse mix of genres. Kuf Knotz will be one of the only hip hop acts I’ve seen at any of these fests, yet he will fit right in! How can that be? Well it’s partially his sound – a blend of soulful RandB, bluesy rock, and hip beats. It just sounds good, not too hard edged, not too mellow – just right. It’s partially the rapping – Kuf actually sings/raps/talks/spits the lines in a way that I can understand what he’s saying, and when the lyrics are such an important part of the sound, that matters (to me anyway)! And finally, its the message – positive, timely, relevant. I asked Kuf about his choices of venues, and he likes and makes a point to play to audiences with diverse tastes in music. I’ve seen him recently at World Cafe Live Philly, The Fire, and Time – not places known for hip hop. So head on up to Wind Gap for a beautiful fall weekend of camping and music, and be sure to check out Kuf Knotz at his Saturday afternoon set on the main stage.