Kyle Offidani is one lucky boy.It’s not just that he gets to play his guitar and sing for people all over the country.It’s not even that he gets to showcase his music at the famed Philly Folk Festival this Sunday.It’s more simply that he has found something he loves to do and is totally dedicated to it.”I listened to a lot of stuff growing up,James Taylor,Jim Croce,Simon and Garfunkle,but when I first heard Tommy Emmanuel that’s what did it for me.That’s when I knew what I wanted to do with my life”.Emmanuel the Aussie guitar wizard can certainly inspire anyone but know everyone takes inspiration and make it their life’s path.”I love playing my music and meeting new people”.Offidani cites Austin,Texas as a sort of home away from home for him.”I always come back to Eastern Delaware but I’ve made a lot of great friends in Austin”.One such friend is Travis Kennedy who will produce Kyle’s debut record due out this winter.Until then you can check out his music via some demos on his web-site or catch him Sunday at the Festival.