Making their way down the eastern part of the US, 3 Canadian bands heated up the stage at Johnny Brenda’s on Fri Nov. 5th. Little Scream took the lead, followed by Suuns, and headlined by Land of Talk.

Little Scream, has a surprising sound, experimental even. Her vocals were very light and enjoyable. At times on stage she seemed shy. Joking with the crowd as she tuned her guitar. As soon as she plucked that guitar the shyness was gone. I didn’t know much about Laurel Sprengelmeyer, before I walked in the door, but I know I will definitely  keep my ears peeled for anything upcoming!  A pleasant surprise!

A band comprised of former members of Land of Talk,  Suuns has a sound unlike any other I’ve heard.  Almost instrumental at times. Futuristic would be the best metaphor for this band. They don’t cheat the crowd, their quick g

uitar riffs and high energy keep the crowd dancing from start to finish.

The headliner Land of Talks front woman,  Elizabeth Powell, has a small frame but a big voice. “The Hate I Wont Commit” shows off that big voice and her guitar shredding skills…at one point you could see tiny specks off blood on her White guitar. It was incredible to see the energy set forth by such a tiny performer. At one point during “Swift Coin” I put down my camera and began dancing with the rest of the crowd.

You could tell the love she has for her former bandmates. Powell jumped on stage to lend a hand on one of Suuns songs. And before the end of the night both acts were on stage together to form a super group.

I went in expecting a great show from Land of Talk, they delivered. Little Scream and Sunns made it a perfect night!