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Launch Saturday Kiddies! our band hit list…

So it’s the biggest day of Launch Music Conference and the last day. It might be a little cold and breezy in the “L”. So grad those hoodies! Cause we’re not letting this weather stop us and neither should you. Let us just say that there’s so much great talent at this festival, local and national. So with out further ado, here is our list of what not to miss today…


Main Street Mystics – 6:15 @ Lobby of the Lancaster Convention Center – This is the best possible way you can start off your night. This funky eclectic sound of funk, folk, and jazz will get you shakin’ it a lil’ and put a smile on your face. Can’t wait to see them live and use them as our ‘get up and go elixir’ for the evening.

Hydra Melody – 7:00PM @ Marion Court – These guys are on a mini tour from all the way from TX and from what we’ve heard so far on their EP, we think you’ll be hearing a lot more about this band. Check them out today, so you can say you saw them way back when… 

Mean Trombones – 8:00PM @ Freedom Hall in the Lancaster Convention Center- We are really interested is seeing this band live. If you are a Killers fan you’re gonna dig these guys. We also hear a little influence of Spoon and Kenna, who we love. So this band should be a good listen.

Revolution, I Love you – 8:15PM @ Senorita Burrito- We all know how the Ting Tings paved the way for duos with an instrument and a drum machine. Here we kinda have that influence except you’ve got live guitar and a drum machine. The tracks intriguing and catchy enough that we just have to see what they can do live.

Wetlands – 10:15 @ The Chameleon Club – Calling all Wolf Parade fans!!! Mix them with a cocktail of some Arcade Fire and Drive by Truckers and you get Wetlands. That there makes this a must see, enough said.

See all you hood rats out in the “L” tonight...

Main Street Mystics

Author: Steph

The Mother of Tri State Indie- recovering major label and corporate slave, grassroots marketing junkie, and sincere indie music lover.

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