Have you heard of Brooklyn band, Great Caesar? Well if not, start paying attention… The band’s single “Don’t Ask Me Why” has over 250,000 views on Youtube and they just came off of a national tour to play a homecoming show at The Knitting Factory this past Saturday. Great Caesar’s been described as Arcade Fire meets Avett Brothers. But come to your own conclusion by taking a first listen and streaming their new self titled EP below.



Bio from Facebook:

Great Caesar aims for the heart with a vulnerable blend of brass, voice, and indie-rock, drawing from acts like Arcade Fire and Beirut to create music that confronts the things that really matter: love, legacy, and the complexity of human relationships.

The NYC band’s 2014 debut phenomenon, Don’t Ask Me Why, combines art and activism in a video that juxtaposes the civil rights movement of the 1960s with today’s fight for sexual equality. Supported by figures as varied as Russell Simmons, Deepak Chopra, Arsenio Hall, and Superbowl champion and LGBT advocate Brendon Ayanbadejo, the video has already challenged hundreds of thousands to take a stand for love and equality.

Don’t Ask Me Why is available now via all major digital outlets, and will appear on CD as part of a forthcoming EP produced by Griffin Rodriguez (Beirut, Modest Mouse, A Hawk and a Hacksaw). Great Caesar is comprised of John-Michael Parker (vocals, guitar), Adam Glaser (bass), Tom Sikes (trumpet), Mike Farrell (guitar) and Stephen Chen (saxophone, also of San Fermin).

Quote from the band: 

“With this EP we sought to showcase the many sides of Great Caesar’s sound, from the thick harmonies of Still Love to the heavy solos on Bury Me to the love song lullaby-turned-dance party of Holiday to the interwoven vocals and story lines of Don’t Ask Me Why. We’re grateful for the many talented and passionate musicians who joined us in the studio, and for our producer, Griffin Rodriguez, who we sought out for his inspiring work with Beirut (most notably The Rip Tide in 2011), and who brought together these songs in a way that is cohesive and compelling. We hope our fans will feel the same way we do after this EP — that they’re ready for a full-length! We’re excited to get back in the studio for more, so keep an eye out next spring for Great Caesar’s first album.”

great caesar