Meet Philly’s RFA (Really Fast Automobiles), four, bright, strapping young gentlemen, who play rock and roll music. At first listen, RFA gives me a vibe similar to The Strokes, however offer an even more stripped down brand of their own garage rock, with good, honest songwriting. The band, who just formed back in November of 2011, is made of of four friends from Philadelphia, is made up of Alec Powell (drums), Christian Turzo (guitar), Steve McAlee (bass), and Dan Cousart (guitar, vocals). The foursome of Philly college students  are keeping the youthful rebellion of rock and roll alive, while playing garage rock and roll music they way they love, and the way its supposed to be.

The title track off their 2013 EP Just Don’t Turn the Lights On showcases the bands catchy songwriting, and distorted, yet smooth driving melodies yearning to get stuck in your head. Its the kid of music that keeps your faith in the young, word of mouth rock and roll scene, especially right here in Philadelphia. So tune in, and spread the word, RFA’s bringing back real, honest, and catchy garage rock. You can catch them in locally concert with upcoming shows; Oct. 30- The Grape Room, Manayunk PA, November 1- UPENN homecoming, and November 28- Trocadero, Philadelphia PA.

Catch their entire EP on their bandcamp page and are set to release a new EP by the end of September.