The Kickback exemplifies the all-american alt-indie rock band even through their name; if The Smashing Pumpkins meets The Strokes they would create The Kickback.  To create the hype for their new album, The Kickback will be hitting up the Milkboy on June 11th to share a few tunes with you.

The Kickback

The Kickback
 is prepping for the release of a new album later this summer, produced by Spoon drummer and engineer Jim Eno and recently Death + Taxes debuted their new video for “Sting’s Teacher Years” with singer Billy Yost acting as his own lyric-pad.
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Yost says of the video, “Nobody can ever understand our words, so we thought we’d try and help people out a bit. Eamonn (bassist) drew all of the instruments and wrote all of the words on me which I can’t imagine was pleasant in the least. When we were finished, I got in the shower to try and get clean. It looked like the Care Bears committed suicide.”