UK’s Little Comets released another genius EP this month. Salt and Its Gentle Corollary is a seven track EP consisting of some of the band’s most poignant work yet.

Little Comets possess the gift of being able to provide music that can be pleasing in two ways. Music we can enjoy from both a harmonious and musically pleasing standpoint, while also providing lyrics that truly make you think, and can even be catchy at times. It’s music that hits you when you least expect it to.

I’d suggest downloading the EP and listening to it once to take it all in then putting it on repeat to digest the lyrics. Frontman and lead songwriter, Rob’s lyrics come from the gut, and he speaks of common key factors that we all face but that no one else seems to speak of.  Looking deeper into the songs on the ‘Salt’ EP through Rob’s lyric blog on their website, it’s hard not to have a deeper appreciation for this music and leaves you wondering why this band is so underrated.

The key track to me is ‘The Blur, The Line and the Thickness of Onions,’ when the music cuts out and the vocals are all you hear, this attention grabbing statement can’t help but stand out…

“Blurred vision and hobble of thick prose.

Why empower misogyny while violence towards women grows?

But this filth stands on a quicker sand,

Next to cold hard fear and the deeds of man,

The abuse of body image as a form of control,

And the typical portrayal of the feminine role.”

The song may be a cut at Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ and the general state of pop music today, but it’s something no one else has seemed to state in such a perfect way.  As stated in the lyric diary for the song, Rob writes it out perfectly “There’s a lot to admonish at the minute, and we don’t get any other platform than song so it would really be a shame to waste it.”

So if I leave you with one key piece to introduce you to this band, let it be that.  It’s just one of the deep layers they have to offer.

The band just wrapped up a small US tour in preparation for the EP, which included playing Governor’s Ball, and they returned to play Firefly Festival on the 21st, and they’ll have  many more exciting things to come in the next year.

‘Salt’ EP is available for download HERE — Get it, share it and spread the word!


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SALT (acoustic)

LITTLE ITALY (acoustic)