Sunday night, April 13th, the legendary rock bands The Used and Taking Back Sunday hit Philadelphia (Upper Darby really) with a sold out Tower Theater show. Taking Back Sunday has been a band that has stayed a constant in my life. Whether it’s new albums, tours or just jamming to old tunes, they always seem to be right there when I need them. As a fan, you always fear that new music won’t be as good as a band’s old songs. But Taking Back Sunday keep showing me there is nothing to be afraid of. With their new album Happiness Is (which dropped last month) proves they are the same band they’ve always been, if anything, they get more personal with this album. During most shows you can tell which songs are new because the crowd sort of calms down, and instead of the whole audience singing along, it’ll die down to about half. That was not the case on Sunday. For the duration of the 15 song set, every word was sung (or screamed) back to lead singer Adam Lazzara.

Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday | Photo by Amy Geis

Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday – Tower Theater | Photo by Amy Geis

They came out performing new song “Stood a Chance” and the crowd was rocking. Keeping the energy high, they continued with fan favorites “Timberwolves at New Jersey” and “Liar (It Takes One to Know One)”. They then go into a frenzy of new, old, and beloved songs and end with their hit “MakeDamnSure.” The band finished the show off without an encore which was kind of nice because it sort of gets old pretending to be surprised when a band comes back on stage when they haven’t played their two or three biggest songs yet. Unfortunately, this show went without Lazzara climbing up something and hanging upside down.

Taking Back Sunday @ The TLA | Photo by Amy Geis

Taking Back Sunday @ The Tower Theater| Photo by Amy Geis

It’s kind of wild that after all these years, bands like The Used and Taking Back Sunday are still selling out shows like crazy (this whole tour was sold out.) When you go to these shows, you can tell that most of the people in the crowd have been there for the long haul. It’s a treasure to find fans so dedicated. It’s a great feeling of unity because for the night, everyone in that room is humongous group of friends. The connection you feel with these strangers you are surrounded by, with the band, with the memories that each and every single song brings into your head, it’s something magical and it’s something Taking Back Sunday can provide for their fans at their live shows.