Words by: Megan Matuzak

Lotus has a colorful but positive history with the Bear Creek Festival. The five-piece originating from Indiana are veterans in every sense of the word. Last year, their bus may have been “beached” in a foot and a half of sand, but thankfully there were plenty of vegan burritos to go around.

A few tracks from their 2011 release, Lotus, will hopefully make their way into the set list. The band plans to reach from all ends of their catalog to keep it upbeat and festival savvy. While unlikely, Lotus could even pull out a David Bowe cover from their woodwork with a rousing “Rebel, Rebel” or “Fame”. In any case, there is only one way to find out.

I was able to get the inside scoop from Jesse Miller of Lotus in preperation for the fest.

TSI: What band are you most excited to see at Bear Creek Festival?

JM: I won’t be at the festival all that long, but if it works out I’d like to catch some of the Budos Band.

TSI: What is the best festival food?

JM: Vegan burrito

TSI: What is the funniest thing that has happened to you at a music fest like Bear Creek?

JM: It is only funny in hindsight, but the last time we played Bear Creek our bus got stuck about a foot and half deep in sand.

TSI: What songs are you planning to play from your new self release and why?

JM: I’m not sure exactly what we’ll play, but since it is a festival set we try to keep things upbeat and dance oriented.  We usually draw material from our entire catalog.

TSI: I hear you guys are fans of David Bowie. Why Bowie and will you be playing any Bowie covers at Bear Creek?

JM: We did a Bowie themed show a few years back, but we haven’t done a Bowie cover in a while.  I really appreciated his versatility as a songwriter and especially the grooves he got on songs like Rebel, Rebel and Fame.

TSI: What should the audiences of Bear Creek expect from your upcoming live performance?

JM: To bust some kind of move.