Leave it to Skrillex to drop a new EP right after the new year! Free DUBSTEP junkie candy for all! The three song EP Leaving Features 13-minutes of new, off the wall sounds, with a little sprinkle of old to take the diehard Skrillheads back to the beginning. Not surprising, Skrillex just finished up the track “The Reason” this morning, but again sounds like weeks of work!

The EP popped up on OWSLA‘s music subcription service, The Nest, earlier today with a statement from Skrillex himself:

“Here are some songs that I put together for an EP that came together last minute. ‘Scary Bolly Dub’ is a song I’ve been playing in my sets for a while.  I use it more as a DJ tool, but I wanted you guys to have it.

“‘The Reason’ and ‘Leaving’ came together last minute.  I made ‘Leaving’ in my hotel room in Mexico and just finished ‘The Reason’ an hour ago in my hotel room in Miami.  I guess it’s just kind of a reflection of how I’m feeling right now.  Hope you guys enjoy these quality wavs.”

You can grab the EP by subscribing to The Nest for $12, or you can stream all three tracks by video here: